9:00 pm EDT, August 19, 2015

‘Big Brother’ season 17, week 8 highlights: Liz finalizes her plan

Becky and John are up for eviction. Will one of them win Power of Veto? Here are the highlights from the Big Brother season 17, week 8 Power of Veto episode.

1. John gets upset

After being nominated, Austin says John gives him a death stare. Vanessa tries to reassure John that he’s not going home, but he’s not having it. The twins are convinced he has a bad attitude and aren’t sure if they can trust him. When they’re alone, Austin and Liz talk to John about Vanessa. He tells them everything he knows about her and his plan to target her.

2. Power of Veto competition

John, Becky, Liz, Austin (Liz’s houseguest choice), Meg, and Steve are picked to play in the competition. John promises Austin he will throw the competition in an effort to prove his trust. Otev has the players searching for the name of an evicted houseguests based on a song he sings. Liz wins the Power of Veto!

3. Vanessa worries Liz

Vanessa can’t stop talking game, and it’s starting to wear on Liz’s nerves. She can’t understand why Vanessa is so paranoid all the time. Austin thinks she’s not as trustworthy as she tries to make herself appear to be.

4. Power of Veto meeting

At the Power of Veto meeting Liz tells the houseguests that she has decided not to use the veto. That means Becky and John will stay up on the block for eviction. Currently, the plan is to target Becky.

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