10:00 pm EDT, August 6, 2015

‘Big Brother’ season 17, week 6 highlights: Eviction

The power couple of the season is about to be broken up. Here are the highlights from Big Brother season 17, week 6 eviction episode.

1. Sixth sense crumbles?

James tells Austin that Shelli and Clay tried to trade information for safety. So of course Austin tells Liz and Vanessa. Vanessa takes is personally and thinks their game might be ruined. She checks with Shelli, who denies telling James about their alliance, but she does admit to throwing Austin under the bus.

2. Counting the votes

In the Head of Household room, James asks the group who everyone plans on voting for. He wants to make sure that Shelli is going to be the one evicted. Vanessa tries to convince them that it doesn’t matter who goes home, but James doesn’t agree. He thinks it’s too dangerous for Shelli to stay. When everyone leaves, Jackie tells James that Vanessa is up to something.

3. Hitmen reunite

The top two players of Big Brother 16, Derrick and Cody, get back together to talk this season. Derrick is still working as a police officer, and Cody has started working as a fitness model. They agree that James made a good move putting Clay and Shelli up. And they think Clay shouldn’t be giving up his game for Shelli.

4. Eviction

Clay manages to sway everyone to vote for his eviction, which means that Shelli will be staying in the game without her man. Speaking with Julie, Clay says he didn’t want to be the one to take away Shelli’s chance at winning. But he doesn’t call it giving up because if she wins he feels like he will win.

Big Brother 17 week 6 Eviction

5. Head of Household competition

The week 7 Head of Household competition is an endurance one. In Midway Mayhem they have to fill up their funnel with as much gas as they can and move it across the yard to their gas tank. Once they fill it up enough to reach the balls, they have a choice between taking the Head of Household or a prize. Big Brother fans will have to tune into Sunday’s episode to find out who is the new Head of Household.

What were your favorite moments from the ‘Big Brother’ season 17, week 6 eviction episode?

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