9:00 pm EDT, September 16, 2015

‘Big Brother’ season 17, week 12 review: The final 3 revealed

Vanessa and her craziness were in control once again on Big Brother season 17, week 12.

After a grueling Head of Household competition that made our fingers hurt just watching it, Vanessa ended up in power yet again. Even though she didn’t need to win, Vanessa told Austin that she just didn’t have it in her to throw it.

That meant that Vanessa had to chose between two alliances in order to decide who to nominate for eviction. And of course, Vanessa got all paranoid again that people had been lying to her. She found out that Liz made a promise to Steve about voting in his favor for the next week if he was put up. Vanessa thought it was a plot against her. But Liz and Austin were able to talk Vanessa down.

Vanessa then told Steve that since she was working with John the least amount of time, it was the most logical choice for her target. And since she wanted to break Steve and John up, that meant nominating them together. Too bad John is amazing at Veto competitions, because he won and was able to take himself off of the block. Vanessa told the houseguests that she wanted to be fair so she named Austin as her renomination since Liz had been up the week prior.

Back to being safe, Vanessa made a deal with John to work together again. Following her orders, John voted to evict Austin. Liz had voted to evict Steve which meant that it was a tie and Vanessa had to break it. Vanessa broke her day two alliance with Austin and evicted him from the house.


Steve ended up winning the next Head of Household, he named John and Vanessa as his nominations. Liz was worried that she might be the real target and agreed to work with Vanessa, despite what happened to Austin. When Vanessa won the Power of Veto, Liz and John both worried if they could trust her.

In a move that surprised no one, Vanessa ended up keeping Liz. That means that Vanessa has brought herself to the final three with two people who are not aligned with one another. It’s a very smart move game wise. However, Liz or Steve could both have a very good shot at winning the game. For one, Vanessa has a lot of burned bridges in the jury house. And for another, both Steve and Liz have won a fair amount of competitions. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Vanessa makes it to the final two anyway.

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