10:00 pm EDT, September 10, 2015

‘Big Brother’ season 17, week 11 review: Austin loses one of the twins

Steve was in power during Big Brother season 17, week 11 and decided it was finally time to break up Austin and the twins.

After the double eviction, everyone was a bit frazzled. Steve seemed to have no problem winning the Head of Household and everyone in the house celebrated. The twins and Austin thought they would be able to manipulate Steve into putting up John. They didn’t realize that Vanessa had already convinced Steve it was time to target them.

With his plan in place, Steve decided to break the news to Austin that he was going up. Austin realized he wouldn’t be able to save himself and the twins, so he played it cool. Liz couldn’t even make it through the nomination ceremony, and left in tears after seeing her and Austin’s faces up on the block together.

Big Brother 17 Liz

Ahead of the Veto competition, Austin told Julia that they would try to throw it to her so she could use it on Liz. But during the actual competition, Vanessa convinced Julia to challenge Austin, which ruined their chance.

Austin ended up winning the Veto, and Vanessa tried to convince the twins that it was Austin’s plan all along. This caused Austin and Liz to have a huge falling out, but the next morning Liz came to her senses about sneaky Vanessa. When Austin used the veto on himself, Steve named Julia as the renomination.

Vanessa told Liz and Austin that she would vote the way they want if they were willing to make a deal with her. Vanessa made them promise to bring her to the finals in exchange for her vote. Austin and Liz agreed, but they don’t plan on keeping their word. At the eviction ceremony, Julia was sent packing to the jury house.

With Julia gone, the strongest three person alliance in the house is finished. Julia and Liz would never have turned on one another, and thanks to Liz’s relationship with Austin, they had a strong protector. And it got them all the way to the final six.

Liz and Austin are still strong powers in the house, but they could easily be targeted again the next week. It’s guaranteed that Liz will be looking for revenge on behalf of her twin, so the house better hope she doesn’t win Head of Household.

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