10:00 pm EDT, September 3, 2015

‘Big Brother’ season 17, week 10 review: Vanessa continues her reign

Big Brother season 17, week 10 saw Vanessa in power as Head of Household, again.

At the week 10 Head of Household competition, the four jurors had the chance to return to the house. John ended up being the last juror standing, winning a spot back in the house. But Vanessa held out the longest and won Head of Household.

The twins and Austin immediately started freaking out about John being back in the house. They wanted him gone, but Vanessa had other ideas. In fact, she wanted to work with John and Steve in an alliance. She also hoped to be able to test Austin’s loyalty to her in some way.

Vanessa decided to put James and Meg up for eviction, stating that she wants to get out a tough physical threat in James and prove that the pair are only truly loyal to one another.

Meg became so upset with Vanessa that she made James promise to go after Vanessa if he got to stay in the house. They couldn’t believe they voted out Shelli over Vanessa a few weeks back. Vanessa tried to come up with a good explanation as to why she had to put them up, but Meg wasn’t having it.

At the Power of Veto competition, it was Meg, James, Vanessa, Julia, Liz, and Austin playing. Basically everyone was against Meg and James. The Veto competition was very interesting, in that no one knew who the winner was until the end. James ended up winning the Veto and Vanessa said it was her worst case scenario. So she decided that Julia needed to go up as a pawn.


With Julia up on the block, the house quickly began discussing whether or not they needed to flip the vote. Even though Vanessa wanted Meg voted out, the house was presented with a chance to break up Austin and the twins. But when it came down to the voting, Meg was evicted from the house.

But the week didn’t end there! It was a double eviction night and Liz won Head of Household. Liz put up John and James for her nominations. Julia won the Power of Veto, and decided not to use it. James was then evicted from the house.

It seems like Vanessa’s plan worked perfectly this week. Not only did she break up James and Meg, but both were evicted from the house. This means that James can’t go after Vanessa for taking out his closest ally.

But it also means that Vanessa will have to make a choice in her alliances. This week she’ll either have to pick to keep John and Steve safe, or the twins and Austin. It will probably come down to who wins Head of Household. If Vanessa wins she is free to decide who is nominated, but if Austin or Julia win Head of Household, she might have a harder time controlling things.

But so far, everyone Vanessa’s wanted gone has left the house. So we wouldn’t be surprised if that continued.

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