Better Call Saul continues tonight with season 1, episode 4 titled “Hero,” in which Jimmy will be giving Nacho a lesson or two.

A clip from Monday’s new Better Call Saul depicts Nacho and Jimmy speaking after the latter bailed his new client out of trouble. While Nacho is eager to place the blame on Jimmy for this recent mess, Jimmy reminds him that he caused the trouble by showing up at the Kettlemens’ home and forgetting to take unrelated blood out of his car (Amateur moves, Nacho!):

The synopsis for tonight’s new Saul reveals that Jimmy will be making another attempt at finding new clients – something that hasn’t worked out for him very well so far. “Jimmy conjures up a bold plan to solicit new clients, but has to face the consequences when the scheme strains his relationship with a rival firm,” the synopsis reads.

Last week’s episode of Saul found Jimmy in search of the Kettlemens after he suspected that they kidnapped themselves. After a good idea from an unlikely ally (Mike), Jimmy went searching for the Kettlemens himself and found them with their cash in a tent.

It’ll be interesting to see how Jimmy handles his knowledge of their money. Will he offer them a place to keep it “safe?” Will he act like it didn’t happen? Now that he and Nacho are at odds, it may be difficult for them to team up to grab the money in the near future. We hope they clear the air soon so they can finally begin working together.

Hypable spoke to Nacho actor Michael Mando last week about where his character and Jimmy stand in light of recent distrust.

Better Call Saul airs Monday, February 23 at 10 p.m. eastern/pacific on AMC. Check back after the episode airs for our recap!

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