This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for family, friends, food, and fun television. From vampires to slap bets, from friendships to football, here’s 10 of our favorite Thanksgiving-themed television episodes that keep the spirit of the season alive:

Celebrating Thanksgiving on TV

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Thanksgiving-themed holiday episodes have become a staple of American television – so much so, that Hypable’s own overseas writers have admitted to learning about the holiday via its often absurd sitcom shenanigans.

Thanksgiving episodes tend to be a feast of emotional fodder, as families of all shapes and sizes come together to try and remember why they’re actually grateful for each other. And in its own way, television has been acting as the great unifier throughout the last half-century or so, making families out of all its viewers as they laugh, cry, and emotionally connect with the lives of characters they watch on screen.

We invite these characters into our homes as friends each week, and on Thanksgiving, with these holiday specials, it feels like they’re inviting us into their’s too. We remember why we love them, and despite our quirks and exasperations, on Thanksgiving, we remember why we’re grateful for each other.

And speaking of bringing people together, we’ll leave you now with Marshall Erickson’s stirring holiday rendition of “You Just Got Slapped.”

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Americans! And for your own safety, please remember to adjust your waistbands before leaving the house this Thursday.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving-themed television episodes?

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