10:00 am EDT, May 28, 2016

The 12 best romantic comedies on Netflix worth binging

It’s a long holiday weekend, so sit back, relax, turn on Netflix and watch some other cute couples chill. Here are twelve of the best romantic comedies streaming on Netflix in 2016 that will give you the warm fuzzies and make you believe in love…

‘The Princess Bride’

The Princess Bride

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Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, True Love, miracles… what more could you ask for from a rom-com?


99% of the time, falling in love with your step-brother is gross. The other 1%, your name is Alicia Silverstone.

‘Legally Blonde’

Legally Blonde

The movie that launched Reese Witherspoon to superstardom is jam-packed with girl power, and of course Elle’s lawyer love interest is perfectly adorkable, too.

‘Pulling Strings’

Pulling Strings

Known to American audiences as the lovable narcissist Rogelio De La Vega, Jaime Camil is equally charming as a single-dad and mariachi singer struggling to provide for his young daughter.

’13 Going on 30′

13 Going on 30

When Jennifer Garner cries, we all cry, but after breaking your heart, this feel-good rom-com stitches it back together again, reminding us that nothing feels quite as sweet as falling in love with your best friend.

‘Grease Live’

Grease Live

The singing is better than ever, and the live audience is electric, but in the end it’s Vanessa Hudgens who steals the show as Rizzo, in the role she was born to play. Also, props to trying to give an old-fashioned show the feminist spin by making the ending about Danny’s growth as much as Sandy’s change: “I don’t want to be the same thing all the time— it’s boring!”

‘The Prince and Me’

The Prince and Me

When a Danish prince shows up in America ready to live up the spring break lifestyle, his playboy persona gets thrown for a loop as he falls in love with a pre-med student.

‘Not Another Happy Ending’

Not Another Happy Ending

Karen Gillian stars as a cute-as-a-button Scottish writer who gets writer’s block when she’s too happy. Good thing her dashing editor’s on the prowl to make her miserable!

‘Roman Holiday’

Roman Holiday

What’s a princess to do when she steals away a single night of freedom? Take Gregory Peck for a stroll through Italy, of course.

‘The Little Rascals’

The Little Rascals

Has there ever been a True Love more pure than that of Alfalfa and his darling little Darla?

‘One Small Hitch’

One Small Hitch

An indie you’ve probably never heard of, One Small Hitch is a gem of a romantic comedy. When altruistic reasons lead them to pretend to be engaged, lifelong friends put on a show for their families… but are they accidentally falling in love in the process?

‘Begin Again’

Begin Again

Okay, so this musically-inspired movie doesn’t one-hundred percent count as either a romance or a comedy, BUT it is delightful, and if you’re in the rom-com mood, this flick will definitely hit the spot. Starring Keira Knightley’s surprisingly beautiful voice with supporting roles featuring half of the coaches on The Voice and everyone from a pre-Carpool Karaoke James Corden to a pre-popstar Hailee Steinfeld, this is a film about learning to love yourself. No, you don’t need anybody else.

In your opinion, what are the best romantic comedies on Netflix?

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