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Pawnee’s Finest: The 50 best ‘Parks and Rec’ supporting characters

30. Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd)

Bobby put up a good fight against Leslie in the City Council race. Well, his campaign manager put up a good fight. Bobby would much rather have played Wii Bowling all day.

29. Craig Middlebrooks (Billy Eichner)

Craig is perhaps one of Parks and Rec’s most polarizing character. Some love Billy Eichner’s loud volume style and some find it grating. It’s okay, he just has an illness: it’s called caring too much and it’s incurable!

28. Dr. Harris (Cooper Thornton)

Speaking of illnesses…Dr. Harris may be a very good doctor but he’s also a very cranky man. Maybe that’s because he seems to be the only doctor in a town of 50,000 people.

27. Tammy Zero (Paula Pell)

Only one woman was man enough to birth Ron Swanson, and that’s Tammy Swanson.

26. ‘Sewage’ Joe Fantringham (Kirk Fox)

Joe works in sewage and just like everyone else in Pawnee’s government is a massive creep. He’s finally fired for sending town hall a picture of his junk. Pretty low for a Sarah Lawrence grad.

25. Councilman Bill Dexhart (Kevin Symons)

Councilman Bill Dexhart is known for one thing and it’s not his sterling record of public service to Wamapoke County. It’s his awe-inducing and very public sex scandals. It was fun to enjoy Dexhart’s escapades from afar for four seasons and even more fun to watch just how incompetent a councilman he was for season 5.

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24. Barney Varmn (John Balma)

Poor Barney. All he wants is Ben’s acceptance. Ben comes close to accepting a job with Barney’s accounting firm three times and even works for a couple of days. But each time a better job comes along and trumps it, leaving Barney without his accounting hero.

23. Greg Pikitis (Cody Klop)

Greg Pikitis is the Joker to Leslie Knope’s Batman. He’s a criminal mastermind and he’s only a teen. We hope tonight’s finale reveals he’s an international jewel thief or computer hacker.

22. Marcia and Marshall Langman (Darlene Hunt and Todd Sherry)

Marcia Langman is another one of Leslie’s enemies, whose idea of a good time is ruining everyone else’s. To Marcia and her very, um, flamboyant husband, Marshall, the world is a never-ending cesspool of sin, debauchery and oil painting of public figures as naked centaurs.

21. Ron Dunn (Sam Elliott)

Ron Dunn - 30
Ron Dunn is Ron Swanson’s Eagleton counterpart. At first Ron loves Eagleton Ron: he’s a rugged, soft-spoken dude. But Eagleton Ron’s rugged charm comes from a love of nature and meditation, not from a dogmatic love for libertarianism. He’s Ron’s terrifying mirror image.

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