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The 10 best Netflix stand-up specials that are too funny to miss

When you just need to laugh, here are the 10 best Netflix stand-up specials available as of 2019 to give you your fix.

When I find myself endlessly scrolling through the Netflix catalog, more often than not, I settle on a stand-up comedy special. If you can’t make up your mind, it’s usually a safe bet for low-commitment, easily watchable entertainment.

Often, I find them becoming more background noise than anything else, getting lost amongst the din of other thoughts and obligations. However, every so often, whether it’s due to sheer magnitude of hilarity or a certain je ne sais quoi, one stands out and has me ROFL-ing from start to finish!

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These 10 Netflix stand-up specials definitely fit into that category, and are simply too funny to miss. Skip your ab workout today, and watch one of these instead.

Here’s my list of the 10 best Netflix stand-up specials, available in 2019.

Best Netflix stand-up specials as of 2019

’Adam Devine: Best Time of Our Lives’

I find that Adam Devine’s movies can be hit or miss, but his Netflix stand-up special is a home run. Despite his sometimes over-the-top performances in movies, he actually has a really natural and pleasant stage presence that’s such a pleasure to watch.

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He sprinkles in some jokes related to both Pitch Perfect and Workaholics, bu for the most part, Best Time of Our Lives is refreshingly relatable. Most importantly, though, its just really, really funny from start to finish.

’Miranda Sings LIVE…your welcome’

netflix stand-up special, miranda sings

Half of this stand-up special is delivered by Colleen Ballinger, and half of it is delivered by her arguably more famous alter-ego, Miranda Sings. Miranda Sings is a YouTube star that definitely plays with the more ridiculous and over-the-top side of things. While she has tons of fans, she’s also widely disliked, which is addressed in her Netflix special.

Interestingly, Colleen Ballinger comes off as extremely down to earth and charismatic in her half of the special, which actually made me more interested in the Miranda Sings portion. On top of some seriously funny jokes, she tells some stories about her numerous haters and even sings a hilarious song about them.

’Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia’

Ironically, Trevor Noah’s latest Netflix stand-up special is probably one of the least political ones available. He shines the light on controversial topics like tacos, camping, and tourism. Trigger warning for anyone against delicious handheld snacks.

While his comedy is tight, funny and relatable, he also tells some poignant stories and makes some important points about race that come delivered in exactly the right package to make you think.

‘Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King’

Best comedy specials on Netflix

Hasan Minhaj is a champion storyteller, and Homecoming King shows that off beautifully. The stand-up special won’t just make you laugh, it’ll also make you reminisce, think, and most importantly, feel like you have a personal relationship with Minhaj after you’ve watched the special.

In this special, Hasan Minhaj is the King of the callback, and his special feels very much like a cohesive piece, rather than a collection of jokes. Check it out to rehash some of his most hilarious life experiences!

‘Amy Schumer: Growing’

I was admittedly a little disappointed by Amy Schumer’s Leather Special, but she’s back and better than ever in Growing. The title is play on the fact that she’s now one of a few women who have recorded their Netflix specials while pregnant.

The Amy Schumer you’ll see in Growing is still delivering the same raunchy humor that she’s always been known for, but it’s clear that the jokes have become smarter and more mature, which makes them even funnier.

‘Bo Burnham: Make Happy’

Bo Burnham already stands out on this list due to the fact that he’s a musical comic, but Make Happy also stands apart for many other reasons. It’s an extremely cohesive piece of art that begs to be consumed over and over again.

Burnham’s specials are always highly produced, but somehow you still feel like you’re having a sincere moment with him in every joke, song and comment. Plus, you get the added benefit of a bunch of catchy songs to sing for years to come. I count his closing number in Make Happy as one of my all-time favorite pieces of art, for all of these reasons.

‘Jim Gaffigan: Noble Ape’

jim gaffigan stand-up, noble ape

Jim Gaffigan’s sixth Netflix special delivers just what you expect from the comedian. An hour of jokes that seem far too clean and tame to be funny, but that make you cry tears of laughter regardless. This is definitely one that you can sit down and watch with the family. I’m recommending Noble Ape, but I definitely wouldn’t discourage you from binging all six of his stand-up specials on Netflix.

‘Russell Brand: Re:Birth’


Russell Brand’s Re:Birth gives a whole new meaning to the term self-deprecation. The actor, whom I’ve certainly accused of being arrogant in the past, is breaking himself down and criticizing his choices and actions in a new way that is both hilarious and enlightened.

This is definitely a heavier stand-up special, but it’s worth the attention. Brand has a refreshing perspective that he manages to deliver in a palatable and entertaining way.

‘John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City’

Best Netflix Stand-up Specials 2018

Kid Gorgeous is John Mulaney at his best, and that is really saying something. The extremely likable, well polished comedian delivers near perfection in his latest special. You’ll laugh along with him as he recounts his experiences from growing older, to writing with Mick Jagger on SNL, but you’ll be rolling on the floor when he somehow perfectly impersonates the “are you human?” reCAPTCHA system.

It’s rare that a comedy can pull you out of even the worst of moods, but Kid Gorgeous is the Netflix stand-up special that can do it. I really can’t praise this special enough (it actually inspired me to compile this list), so instead of listening to me blather on about it, just go watch it!

‘Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust’

netflix stand-up special

Like John Mulaney, Sarah Silverman is a comic with a highly impressive body of work, but her latest special showcases her at her best. Her dry delivery amps up already hilarious stories and punchlines for an amazing overall comedic experience.

The special includes some candid footage of Sarah pre-surgery, but the highlight is a must-hear story that she tells about a college experience that went terribly wrong. That story alone makes this one of the best Netflix stand-up specials.

Enjoy the best Netflix stand-up comedy specials!

What are your favorite stand-up specials on Netflix?

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