12:00 pm EDT, October 27, 2016

The best Halloween movies as decided by YOU

Halloween movies are the best movies, but some are certainly better than others. Who’s to say which one is the best and which is the not-best? You!

Some say that Hocus Pocus obviously takes the cake while others are Team Halloweentown all the way. And then there’s the group of people that are all about the scary Halloween flicks (like Scream or Nightmare on Elm Street) rather than the fun and family-friendly ones. But there’s never been a true test of which Halloween movie is the best. That is… until now.

From spooktacular to horrifying, hilarious to nefarious, super fun to watch-through-your-fingers–scary, we’ve rounded up a list of all of the most popular Halloween movies to date. Now it’s your turn to determine which is the must-see best Halloween movie and which movies are altogether forgettable.

To vote for your favorite, simply click on the “up” arrow next to the flick that you enjoy the most! Not a fan of some of the ones on our list? Just ignore them. After you, your friends (*hint hint*), and the rest of the world have weighed in, we’ll finally be able to know (without a shadow of a doubt) which of these are the best Halloween movies of all time (and which is truly #1)!

Will it be Hocus Pocus? What about John Carpenter’s Halloween? Only time (and your votes) will tell! Now get ranking!

Now that you’ve ranked them, are you in the mood to watch a few of these Halloween flicks? Of course you are Well, you’re in luck! Some of these movies are streaming on Netflix right now! So hurry up and get watching before they get pulled from the Netflix library.

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Which of these Halloween movies is your personal favorite?

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