11:30 am EDT, June 1, 2016

The definitive ranking of the best Disney Channel Original Movies (as decided by YOU)

Zetus lapetus! Which DCOM is going to be crowned as #1?

It seems like the question; “Which is the best Disney Channel Original Movie?” has gone unanswered since the beginning of time. That is, until now.

Disney Channel Original Movies (also known as “DCOMs”) are coming back ya’ll (not like they ever really went away, though). Disney Channel made this year’s Memorial Day Weekend the best ever by holding a 24/7 DCOM marathon in honor of the 100th DCOM coming out soon (which is, fun fact, technically the 101st, but the Disney Channel is no longer recognizing Northern Lights as being the first!). Plus, they’re continuing the DCOM love all throughout the month of June.

Not only that, but Netflix has added quite a few Disney Channel Original Movies to its catalogue and we’ve recently found out that there are a TON of DCOMs On Demand (at least for those of us who have UVerse)!

Needless to say, it doesn’t look like DCOMs are going away anytime soon. So, what better time to finally answer the question of which is the best Disney Channel Original Movie?

We could rank them all by ourselves, but what would be the fun in that? Plus, our opinions might not match the general public’s opinion. (Hey, it’s been known to happen.) So we want your input!

How to play: Love a certain DCOM and think that it deserves to be towards the top of the list (if not in the #1 slot)? Upvote it. Can’t stand a certain DCOM and wish it had never been created? Click on the down arrow. Don’t have an opinion on a few of the Disney Channel Original Movies because you never saw them or they never really resonated with you? Feel free to scroll right on by them.

With everyone voting (and down-voting), together we’ll be able to do what nobody else has done before and create a definitive ranking of the best Disney Channel Original Movies. Not only that, but one movie will rise above them all to become the #1 DCOM of all time. Which one will it be? Better get voting!

Note: Though there are other movies you undoubtedly remember being produced for television by Disney or the Disney Channel (such as My Date with the President’s Daughter or Suzie Q), those are not actually considered “Disney Channel Original Movies” by Disney. Since they’re not on their DCOM list, they’re unfortunately not on ours either (though we love them).

Falling down the rabbit hole of Disney Channel Original Movies? Check out our lists of the best DCOMs from each decade!


Which of the Disney Channel Original Movies do YOU think should be #1?

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