A Good Slay: The best episodes of ‘Buffy’ for a rainy day (Part 3)

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1:45 pm EDT, July 1, 2014

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14. ‘Intervention’ (season 5, episode 18)

I won’t apologize for the fact that this is just turning into a big Spike-a-thon. And I definitely won’t apologize for my complete and unabashed love for Buffybot. Watching Sarah Michelle Gellar play Buffybot splits my sides, especially her oversexed interactions with Spike that earn her some pretty weird looks from the rest of the Scoobies. The character descriptions that Spike has programmed into his robo-Slayer are beyond ridiculous in their succinctness: Willow is recently gay, Anya loves money, and Angel is bloody stupid. Yes, Spike may spend a large part of the episode getting his ass beat, but he still manages to look hella good. We also get our first genuine Spuffy kiss – ouch my feels!

15. ‘Life Serial’ (season 6, episode 5)

Who doesn’t love a time loop? Me, Andrew, Star Trek, Supernatural, and The X-Files to boot. A lot of people hate the trio, but with the exception of Warren the actual dick, I find them extremely amusing. Watching Buffy try her hand at various brands of normalcy is somewhat painful, but also comic gold. All her hard work deserves shots with Spike, followed by a delightful round of kitten poker featuring Clem a.k.a. my favorite bit character of all time. Please google James C. Leary – I met him one time and you will hardly believe it.

16. ‘Tabula Rasa’ (season 6, episode 8)

I recognize that a couple of really bummer things happen in this episode, but in the middle of those things is one of the funniest spells-gone-wrong incidents in the Buffyverse. Spike/Randy screaming like a big girl, Giles and Anya making out, and some unintentional, I’m sure, ribbing of Angel. Memory loss is always good for a laugh, but I give fair warning that the consequences of this magical screw-up is a whole lot of feels.

17. ‘Gone’ (season 6, episode 11)

Sometimes the plots on this show get a little bit stupid. But I confess that I find the stupid episodes to be awesome if you can just roll with the silly. This makes me capable of enjoying some of the “worst” (according to some people) episodes – “Beer Bad,” “Doublemeat Palace,” “Bad Eggs.” I love the good and the bad of Buffy, sorry not sorry! So I don’t think Buffy getting blasted with an invisibility ray is that bizarre by a long shot. What isn’t there to love about an episode with a cute new do and naked push-ups? And regardless of what dumb villains they are, the nerds usually make me smile with their comic-esque antics.

18. ‘Older and Far Away’ (season 6, episode 14)

I would guess that I have watched this episode more than any other episode of this show. I love everything about if from top to bottom. I like that all of the characters are forced to be in one location for almost the whole episode – including Clem! Almost every line seems “quotable” and the shameless interactions between Buffy and Spike have me tee-hee-hee-ing all the way through. In addition to hearing about the cramp in Spike’s pants, the truth about Dawn’s kleptomania finally comes out. I loathe Dawn as a character and I love seeing bad things happen to her, so it is definitely a bonus. And I love the acknowledgement that Halfrek and Spike knew each other when they were both human.

19. ‘Selfless’ (season 7, episode 5)

Anya is one of the few characters I have never actually heard anyone say that they dislike. I don’t really understand how you could dislike her brand of pure, unfiltered candor. This episode also has a lot of dark moments, but I still love to watch it because it gives us so much information about a character we somehow don’t know that much about despite her being around for five seasons. Seeing Olaf and D’Hoffryn and Halfrek in Anya’s past really makes me thing about how amazing this show is in terms of attention to detail and callbacks to previous episodes. We are also reminded of what an asshole Xander was that one time in Becoming, but lucky for him so much is going on that no one really addresses it.

20. ‘Storyteller’ (season 7, episode 16)

Andrew is another divisive character, but this Whedonite has nothing but love for him and his ambiguous sexuality. He transforms the episode into a meta-mockumentary that someone who has seen this entire show cannot help but enjoy. The fact that Buffy can laugh at itself so easily and so accurately is one of the reasons it has stood the test of time. Yet despite all the ridiculousness, it still manages to be moving and redemptive in the end.

Thanks to everyone for all of your comments! I’m always available for further Buffy fangirling on my Tumblr.

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