2:30 pm EDT, May 15, 2015

31 times Anna Kendrick was extremely relatable on Twitter

Have you seen what Anna Kendrick is up to on Twitter? She’s easily one of the best people to follow.

In light of Pitch Perfect 2 hitting theaters this weekend, we’re publishing a second round-up of tweets from Anna Kendrick, proving she’s one of the most honest and relatable people on Twitter (you can find our first installment here).

What’s so marvelous about Anna and her tweets is that these are all coming from a big celebrity. Imagine other celebrities saying all of these things? It’s rare to find a celeb be so real in front of her 4 million followers.

When she tried to figure out where short girls can purchase short clothes:

When she admitted that even a huge celeb like herself isn’t naturally eloquent:

When she remembered her roots:

When she tried to join One Direction:

When she stopped everything on a movie set to watch the new Star Wars trailer:

When she asked HBO to play fair:

When she said what we all think to ourselves as we head into parties:

When she, like you, spent a lot of time trying to think of what she should have said to that person who pissed her off:

When she proved she is on top of her pop culture game whether the world is discussing a HBO show or a podcast:

When she live-tweeted The Bachelorette just like you or your sister:

When she said what we’re all thinking about the Apple Watch:


When she laid down these truths:

When she revealed why we always tell people we’re “busy”:

When she said what we all say when we’re in the mall:

When she created the perfect Patronus:

When she tweeted about food like she’s not a huge celebrity:

And when she was stunned by a revelation on Reddit:

Anna Kendrick: One of Twitter’s shining stars.

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