Sherlock season 3, episode 2 wrapped filming today, and a great photo from the set depicts Benedict Cumberbatch reminding everyone he’s in the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie. Or, is he a nerdfighter?

Today was seemingly the final day of shooting for the second episode of the third season which may premiere as early as the end of 2013. Steve Lawes, a Sherlock camera man, took to his Twitter to tell the world today was emotional because it was his last day of filming. He shared a photo of himself with Martin Freeman (Watson) and Cumberbatch (Sherlock). On the right is Arwel Wyn Jones, a crew member.

Sherlock season 3 - Benedict Cumberbatch

Cumerbatch and Freeman are throwing up hand gestures that don’t seem to match each other. Those in John Green’s online community took Cumberbatch’s hand gesture to be the nerdfighter symbol invented by Green and his brother, Hank. John himself tweeted the photo and made the nerdfighter connection, but our guess is this is the Vulcan Salute since Star Trek just hit theaters.

Sherlock series 3 is taking a break from filming before they shoot episode 3 later this year. The break is for Cumberbatch and Freeman to fulfill other duties like Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit. The latter movie is shooting pick ups in New Zealand beginning this week. Director Peter Jackson tweeted a photo of himself and Ian McKellen on the set yesterday, and the director noted it was their “last ever” time shooting a Tolkien movie.

Sherlock series 3, episode 2 is titled “The Sign of Three” and began production in April. The episode is directed by Colm McCarthy who helmed the Doctor Who episode “The Bells of St. John.” In a previous report we told you that the episode may include a character getting married (click the link to see who).

Is Cumberbatch a nerdfighter or merely pledging allegiance to Star Trek?

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