The second series of Sherlock may have finished airing last week, but the internet is still buzzing with speculation about the climax of ‘The Reichenbach Fall’.  Now, actor Benedict Cumberbatch has been discussing the making of the dramatic scene.  This post contains spoilers.

In an interview with Sherlock Uncovered (a making-of documentary exclusive to the Series 2 DVD), Cumberbatch talks about the stunt work required for the heart-stopping jump, which was actually filmed on the roof of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital.

“Doing the fall was really exciting. That’s me up on the roof. That’s not me jumping off the roof, but that’s me jumping off a smaller roof onto a lower roof, which is about four feet. And then that cuts to me on a wire dropping about 70 feet, I think, onto a massive inflated bag.

“It’s fast, not terminal velocity as there’s a tiny brake on it because they need to slow down before the end… but it’s pretty bloody fast.”

The Sherlock Series 2 DVD is available to buy in all good retailers throughout Britain this Monday.

Are you impressed that Benedict did all his own stunts? We would love to hear all of your thoughts!

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