We take a look at what has happened behind the scenes of Dexter season 8 for the second week running, with news from Aimee Garcia, Kathleen Hager, Scott Reynolds and a speak peak behind episode 1.

After last week’s first look at behind the scenes of Dexterwe decided to turn this into a mini-series, reporting on all the news on a weekly basis. Now that Dexter has moved into its second production week, it has notably been substantially slower than last week, but the past couple of days have given fans food for thought through a series of twitter leaks about the upcoming first episode in season 8.

Not only this, but some of the backroom staff have shared a few thoughts about where they are with season 8 as well and giving a small insight to what is going on there.

We’ll start with Dexter‘s costume designer Kathleen Hager, who tweeted this stunning picture of a sunrise rolling in over the production base. It’s no secret that these guys start very, very early in the morning and credit to them, it just looks tranquil. Perfect time to get the cast into character, Kathleen?


Scott Reynolds, one of the writers for Dexter is next up who revealed on Twitter that on Wednesday he was penning his way through the fifth episode of season 8 whilst listening to Thom Yorke. Granted, it’s only a concept of the episode, but we can sketch a rough idea of where the writers are at. With episode one currently being filmed, Scott Reynolds is ahead of the game, and we’d desperately love to know what he’s writing about right now.

Next up, is the wonderful, Aimee Garcia who we interviewed several weeks ago. Aimee has let fans know that she has a nickname during on-set and it’s quite an obvious choice for the star. “Aimee Jaime” is neatly labelled on her makeup bag. We wonder who came up with that?

And, we leave the best until last. SpolierTV leaked Dexter fans the first set of photos of behind the scenes of episode 1, with appearances from Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall in the photos. The majority of the photos were shot in Long Beach, on the corner of 4th & Orange according to Olv.

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It’s incredibly difficult to fathom any sort of storyline from these photos but it’s great to see Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall back in character. Surprisingly, though, it’s interesting to note that there is no Yvonne Strahovski as of yet. With still no word from Showtime, it’s beginning to look a little bleak for the season 7 fan favourite. We really do hope she returns for the eighth season, but there has been no news as of yet.

This has been the weekly roundup for the second week of behind the scenes of Dexter, and this feature will be back next Friday.

Be sure to not miss out on Dexter season 8 which returns to Showtime on June 30.


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