4:30 pm EST, March 10, 2017

Poll: Ranking the songs of Disney’s live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ — as chosen by you!

The soundtrack for Disney’s live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast dropped earlier today. Now we want to know which song is the best?

If you were a fan of Disney’s Renaissance films, you likely know the original songs of the now-classic Beauty and the Beast by heart. Now, they’ve had a bit of a revamp, just in time for the live-action adaptation hitting theaters on March 17.

There are some familiar favorites amongst the tracks — with some minor but notable differences — as well as some brand new editions. Whether you’re a purist or open to change, there’s a little something for everyone to be found on the track list.

I listened to the soundtrack from start to finish when it was released earlier today, and had a few thoughts as I experienced it — mostly about the songs sung by the cast themselves.

  1. The auto-tune on Emma Watson’s vocals is more obvious in contrast to the rest of the cast.
  2. Likewise, some of Emma’s acting came across awkwardly, but might be less-so when paired with the visuals.
  3. Ewan McGreggor’s French accent is… dubious, at best — but at least it isn’t Mexican?
  4. There’s some odd musical cues reminiscent of Scotland, Russia and the Middle East mixed into the tracks. They’ll likely make more sense in context, but were somewhat jarring outside the movie.
  5. Audra McDonald is incredible. That’s all.
  6. Emma Thompson’s vocals are far more charming than I initially expected them to be. At least, when she’s not attempting to imitate Angela Lansbury.
  7. I’m still on the fence with Dan Stevens’ voice — but am trending more towards the positive.
  8. “The Mob Song” is by far the strongest and most memorable song on the soundtrack.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you thought of the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack in the comments and vote for your favorite tracks in the poll below.

I limited the tracks to any sung by the cast (or else we’d be here for an eternity). Songs marked with “various” had too many cast members on the track to list individually.

Thanks for voting! Now, get back so playing the soundtrack on repeat so you can memorize all the changes and new additions ahead of the Beauty and the Beast premiere.

Which song from the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ soundtrack did you vote for?

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