Two days ago, we held a poll to see which fandoms are the top 10, according to our readers. You’ve all voted for your favorite fandoms to be included in the next round of BattleShips, so let’s find out which fandoms are going to the next round!

We here at Hypable have decided to undertake the sizable task of finding out which ship (that’s “fictional relationship” to the uninitiated) from a current television show is the most popular!

But rather than just doing a single poll with 10,000 choices, we decided to make it a bit more fun! Thus, BattleShips was born. In this tournament, you will help to slowly narrow down the categories, until one ship is left victorious.

In the first round, you picked the top 10 television fandoms that will go on to the next stage of the tournament. Let’s find out what shows made the cut!

Your top 10 fandoms are…

1. Castle (1,211 Votes)
2. Doctor Who (1,039 Votes)
3. Sherlock (976 Votes)
4. Once Upon A Time (956 Votes)
5. Glee (950 Votes)
6. Teen Wolf (741 Votes)
7. Big Bang Theory (679 Votes)
8. How I Met Your Mother (649 Votes)
9. Game of Thrones (610 Votes)
10. Merlin (585 Votes)

Well, look at that. The top 10 fandoms, as voted by you, are actually a bit surprising! These are going to be the top 10 fandoms going on to the next round, where you will vote for the specific ships in each show. Look out for the polls through-out the next four weeks, and be sure to vote for your OTP!

What’s next?

Well, that’s the easy part! Throughout the next few weeks we will be voting for the individual ships for each television show in the tournament. Because now that the top television series have been found, we need to find the top ship in each fandom.

Very soon, we will begin this second stage of the tournament, so stay alert. For each television series that made it past the preliminaries, there will be one poll, where it will be YOUR task to choose the #1 relationship from that show. That’s right, only one may proceed to the next stage, so choose wisely.

Be sure to keep checking our site, as well as our Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on which fandom is going up next. The top 16 ships (one from each fandom) as chosen by you will go off in a bracket style tournament, and in the end a victor shall emerge triumphant and proud!

…wait, you said 16?

Yes! These polls were so close that we wanted to give the other popular fandoms a shot. There was literally one vote separating Merlin from Supernatural, so we had to include it! And to make the bracket style more even for the later rounds, we decided to go with the top 16 instead of a top 15. Check out the rest of the qualifiers below!

11. Supernatural (584 Votes)
12. The Vampire Diaries (581 Votes)
13. New Girl (545 Votes)
14. Downton Abbey (463 Votes)
15. Avatar (420 Votes)
16. Bones (379 Votes)

We’re going to be doing the shipping battles randomly through-out the week, so you never know when your favorite show’s OTP will be up for their chance in the spotlight. Keep checking, commenting, and voting for your favorite ship!

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