12:00 pm EDT, October 9, 2012

BattleShips: A fandom shipping tournament

Do you ship two characters so hard and so much that you just hate the idea of some other character interfering with your OTP? Well, voice your opinion as we begin our tournament to see which relationship on which show has the biggest fan base on the internet! Confused? Read more!

First off, let’s give you a lesson on shipping.

For those of you who aren’t in the fandom know-how, the term “ship” is short for relationship. It’s become a verb, as well as a noun. “I ship Blaine & Kurt!”, says one Glee fan, while another may say “My favorite ship is Rachel & Finn.” Within all of the fandoms we cover there are countless ships that go as basic as Harry & Hermione, and go as outlandish as Draco & his apple.

We’ve grown accustomed to naming our ships with the combination of the characters’ names. A few classic examples would be Harmione, for Harry & Hermione, and Drapple for Draco and his apple. This is how we identify our ships, and how you’ll be able to find your favorite pieces of fan-fiction and art on sites like Tumblr or DeviantArt. We suggest looking through the pages of http://www.fanfiction.net for some fun discoveries on popular ships.

Still confused about what OTP means? Some people have one ship in their fandoms that they stand by regardless of likelihood or ridicule, and that’s called your One True Pairing. Here at Hypable, it’s safe to say that our Harry Potter OTP will forever be Drapple, and that will likely never change. Ever.

Now let’s tell you about our tournament.

We were surprised when we held a poll for your favorite OUAT ship and received thousands of votes for one pairing alone. So we thought to ourselves, “This can’t be the only fandom with such intense love for their OTP.” And BattleShips was born!

We want to see which ship has the biggest presence on Hypable. Which couple is the fandom couple, the one with the loudest voice and the biggest fans? It’s up to you to voice your opinion and make sure your favorite ship wins!

How it’s going to work.

Over the course of the next month, we will hold various polls asking for each fandom’s top 5 or 10 ships. Once each fandom has selected their OTP, it will continue in a fandom vs fandom bracket style tournament. It’s up to you to make sure your fandom wins! This will continue until we have one reigning ship, which we will anoint as the BattleShips Victor.

This tournament only applies to shows we currently cover on Hypable, and only TV shows. Let us know if you’d want a movie ship tournament.

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The Fandom Elimination Round

We cover so many fandoms here at Hypable, we need to start this tournament off right by picking the top 10 favorite fandoms, as voted by you! Below is a poll with all of the fandoms we cover, you can vote for your top 10.

Round Duration: 48 Hours from time of post.

[poll id=”129″]

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