After a long summer of voting and campaigning, Hypable’s BattleShips tournament has officially come to a close. Who’s the winner? Check our announcement to find out!

This year’s BattleShips competition has been a fierce one. We’ve had countless Sudden Death battles and close calls, and you’ve rallied your favorite fandoms to help your ship get to the end.

We’re excited to announce that the winner of this year’s tournament and the title of Hypable’s Ship of the Year is…

Kara & Lena, from Supergirl!

Kara & Lena, affectionately known as Supercorp by the fandom, has been a powerhouse from the very beginning. They’ve won against Stiles & Lydia from Teen Wolf and even took on Kane & Abby from The 100, an impressive feat in and of itself.

They’ve even won against one of The 100‘s biggest ships, Bellamy & Clarke. It’s no easy thing to win against a fandom like The 100, so give a hand to Supergirl fans for powering through and winning the competition fair and square! ???

How did they win?

You might be wondering how Suergirl managed to grab the crown so soon after we posted a rematch battle on Sunday. Due to cheating on both sides of the Voltron VS Yuri on Ice battle, we’ve disqualified both ships.

We know it’s never a fun thing when the actions of a few ruin things for the majority, but our rules have been clear from the start of BattleShips: If we find out that your fandom cheated, then that ship is out of the tournament. We’ve collected screenshots and have seen conversations from both sides planning and orchestrating how to cheat their way through the finals.

We realize that several battles in this tournament have also had a few accounts voting multiple times and that Klance and Victuuri are not the only ships to try and make their way through to the next round, but the extent to which both the Voltron and Yuri on Ice fans have cheated has forced us to disqualify them both.

To the legitimate fans and shippers out there, we’re sorry your ship’s chance at victory has been ruined because some felt the need to dishonestly bring their ship to the top. We see your tweets and posts, and know the love you have for your fandoms. It’s truly inspiring to see you all try to band together and work in a fair way.

Congratulations to Supergirl fans! To celebrate your win, we’re adding a special banner to the top of Hypable’s desktop design. We look forward to seeing you all again for our next BattleShips tournament (next time featuring better polling methods to stop the cheaters).

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