10 ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Easter eggs revealed

How many Easter eggs did you find in Batman v Superman?

8:40 pm EDT, March 25, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice includes quite a few Easter eggs, with many hints of the other Justice League members, so we’re looking at the treats which were peppered throughout the movie.

While Batman v Superman deals with mixed reviews this weekend, it still includes some great Easter eggs which give us an idea of where the DC universe might be headed in the future. We found 10 Easter eggs from the movie, but be sure to let us know if you found any additional clues.

The Flash brings a message from the future

batman v superman easter egg the flash

In one of the most interesting scenes in the film, Bruce Wayne has a nightmare of sorts and sees The Flash coming back from the future to tell him that he should pay attention to Lois Lane.

It’s such a bizarre moment, where Flash is seen in a very visually interesting way, and it’s even harder to understand what he’s saying, but Batman actually thinks what he says is that he’s right about Superman being evil. Flash says, “You’re right about him,” leaving Bruce to think that he’s right about Superman being bad for the human race.

The Flash will become a pivotal part of the Justice League, as Ezra Miller is set to star as the superhero, and he actually feels like one of the more exciting characters to join the DC film universe.

Wonder Woman is a lady out of time

batman v superman easter egg wonder woman

While we’re shown a modern day Wonder Woman, it’s clear that she’ll be headed back to World War I in her solo movie, as Bruce finds an encrypted photograph that shows her in a very old photograph.

It’s quick, but she even mentions that she gave up on the human race 100 years ago, and it’s interesting to find out that she may fight for Americans during World War I and then realize we’re not worth saving until Doomsday came to be in Batman v Superman.

Wonder Woman looked extremely powerful, and we also got a quick glimpse of her amazing lasso, which should see some more use in the future films featuring Gal Gadot as the Amazon Princess. If you look closely at the image you can also see a Chris Pine cameo, with him appearing as his character Steve Trevor.

Aquaman is in hiding

batman v superman easter egg aquaman

In the file that Bruce Wayne gets from hacking Lex Luthor’s server, we find out that there is video of Aquaman hiding in the sea. This was one of the cooler moments in the movie, as he looks like he’s a creature of sorts with his wavy hair moving around in the water and his glowing eyes looking out from underneath a sunken ship.

Jason Momoa will star as Aquaman, and while we didn’t get many looks at his superhero abilities, I imagine this will be the place where we see the most liberties given. His abilities will require some impressive CGI, and I hope they’re able to put something truly great together onscreen.

Cyborg is reborn

batman v superman easter egg cyborg

Another Justice League member, Cyborg, is shown being born in a clip from Lex’s secret files. In the video we see his father, Silas, attempting to fix his son which is basically just a torso. Many people probably guessed this was Cyborg, but it certainly wasn’t clear to the average moviegoer who might be unfamiliar with the character.

Silas tries multiple things in an attempt to rebuild his son, but not until he uses a Mother Box, which is a piece of alien technology from Apokolips, does he succeed in rebuilding his son into Cyborg.

Cyborg will be a part of the Justice League, but he’ll also have his own solo movies. Ray Fisher was cast as the superhero, and we’ll see him team-up with the rest of the superheroes in Justice League Part 1.

Darkseid will be main villain in ‘Justice League’

batman v superman easter egg darkseid

There have been rumors that Darkseid would be the main villain the Justice League would go up against first, which was surprising considering he’s a pretty major supervillain.

We get a few Easter eggs concerning the character, with Bruce Wayne dreaming about a post-apocalyptic scenario which features flying creatures, most likely Parademons, which are Darkseid’s minions.

He’s also involved in the Mother Box, mentioned earlier concerning Cyborg’s body, and of course the Omega symbol seen in Batman’s dream is on a huge field before a city. This is Darkseid’s symbol, and it was a clear hint that they’ll be facing the mega-villain in the near future.

At the very end we see Lex Luthor say that “he is coming,” which is a direct reference to the fact that he knows another villain is coming, and that Darkseid is next.

Batman has already had dealings with the Joker

batman v superman easter egg joker

When Bruce Wayne meets with Clark Kent for the first time, Kent kind of throws a dig at him about Batman, and then Bruce says, “We have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns.”

Now, we know Jared Leto will portray the Joker in Suicide Squad, but this is a clear hint that the Joker will be involved in Batman’s story in the future. It’s possible it may be in his solo film, which Affleck will reportedly direct, but the Joker is going to be an excellent villain for Batman to go up against.

The Riddler is alive and well

batman v superman easter egg riddler

It might just be Snyder keeping his options open, but he’s included many clues from many different villains in Batman v Superman. The Easter egg for the Riddler is seen when Batman is looking for a place to fight Superman.

His trademark is seen on some pillars that have been spray painted with his question mark. It was originally reported that Snyder hoped to include the Riddler in Batman v Superman, and so this may be a leftover Easter egg for a character we may not see in the future. Also noted is a question mark with a smiley face beside it, which is undoubtedly a Joker Easter egg.

What we know for sure is it’s unlikely that Snyder left the question mark in the shot for no reason, and we have to imagine we’ll be seeing a version of the Riddler at some point in a future movie with Ben Affleck’s Batman.

The Joker has killed Robin

batman v superman easter egg joker robin

We saw this in one of the trailers already, but Robin’s suit can clearly be seen in one shot at Bruce’s home, and it’s been spray painted with yellow paint. On Robin’s suit it says, “Hahah, jokes on you Batman.”

The Joker has clearly had dealings with Batman already during Dawn of Justice’s storyline, and we honestly don’t know where the Joker is right now in the storyline. He doesn’t seem to be locked up in Suicide Squad, so it’s possible he’s escaped Batman’s wrath, and he may be on the run.

The fact that he’s killed Batman’s friend and fellow superhero already means Batman has some bad history with the Joker, and we saw how much he didn’t like Superman, we can’t imagine how bad he’ll want to get rid of the Joker when he finds him. It’s also rumored that we may see a prequel that would give us the backstory on how the Joker killed this version of Robin.

Hello, Smallville

batman v superman easter egg smallville

Superman’s nickname is used quite a few times in the movie, but very quickly. Smallville was obviously the name of the CW television series, where Lex Luthor was the main villain for Superman.

But, Smallville is what Lois Lane would call Clark as well. We actually hear Perry White call Clark Smallville when he’s speaking to Lois, which was a great way to honor the longstanding nickname. Perry also mention that “this isn’t 1938,” which is the first year Superman made an appearance in the comics.

Smallville is also seen again when Clark is being buried near his home, as the camera pans over a wrought iron sign, it reads: Smallville. These were some quick references to the superhero, and some of the better Easter eggs in the movie for super fans.

A flashback reveals the very first superhero

batman v superman easter egg zorro

In the flashback which gives us a quick glimpse of Bruce Wayne’s parents being murdered, we see that Bruce and his parents are coming out of a theater, which we’ve seen many times before.

But, this time we see the Wayne family leaving a theater which has a poster for the movie Zorro, which was a character created back in 1919. The character of Zorro is often considered to be the very first American superhero.

This Easter egg comes at the very beginning of the film, where Bruce is having a flashback of his parents being killed, so it’s important to take notice of what Snyder has included as Easter eggs, since the flashback does seem to come and go fairly quickly and focus on something we’ve seen time and time again.

Did you find any other ‘Batman v Superman’ Easter eggs?

If you noticed any other Batman v Superman Easter eggs that we may have missed, be sure to post them in the comments and we’ll be sure to add them to our list.

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