11:24 pm EDT, April 16, 2015

First ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ trailer leaks online early

Hear Batman for the first time in Batman v Superman's trailer which has leaked online a few days early.

While Warner Bros. was hoping to release the first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer next Monday, the trailer has leaked online tonight.

Update (April 17): Warner Bros. has officially released the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer!

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has leaked online in a fanshot video. You can watch the first Batman v Superman trailer below for as long as WB allows it to stay online:

The first trailer shows us some amazing things, and we finally get to hear Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne and in his Batsuit as Batman. The public seems to not know what to think about Superman or Batman, and it looks like they plan on pitting Batman and Superman against one another.

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Batman challenges Superman near the end of the trailer, and it looks like the beginning of something pretty incredible. Let us know what you think of the first trailer from Batman v Superman. We’ll be sure to release a new article when the official trailer lands online.

The first teaser for the trailer was released yesterday, and gave us our first look at Batman’s new Batsuit in color, but now we kind of have an even better idea of the tank-like armor that Batman will be donning when he (hopefully) battles Superman. That final shot is epic, and we can’t wait to see if they fight.

We imagine WB will bump the trailer release date up a few days now that it’s leaked online, and we look forward to discussing the first Batman v Superman trailer more once we can see it a bit more clearly.

Last year Marvel was forced to release the trailer for the highly anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, which leaked online a week prior to its release on Agents of SHIELD. We imagine WB will do the same now that the Batman v Superman’s trailer is making its way around the web.

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