“Avengers assemble!” is a catchphrase that anyone could identify, even before The Avengers shattered worldwide box office records, and yet the phrase was not uttered during the film.

According to this interview at io9 (via CBM) with Marvel producer Kevin Feige, there just wasn’t a place for it in the film.

“There wasn’t a right place for it, it was cheesy overtime. Here’s what I like, the catch phrase that you might expect is not in that movie, but people will walk out of that movie with many different catch phrases. ‘We have a Hulk’ being one of them, that people already use. We didn’t say [to director Joss Whedon] ‘You have to say it in the movie!’ We did say, ‘Is it going to fit anywhere, can you do it anywhere?’ And Joss looked. That 360 shot (which is my favorite moment in the whole movie) — if right at the end of that, he goes ‘Avengers Assemble!’ [then] well, we just assembled. You do it without saying, it gives more impact.”

What do you think? Would you have liked to hear the phrase? Where would you have put it in the film?

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