8:35 am EDT, March 15, 2019

Marvel re-issues ‘Avengers: Endgame’ poster to credit Danai Gurira

Marvel re-issued the poster for Avengers: Endgame to correct a glaring omission from the original poster, Danai Gurira’s credit.

Most of us were watching the trailer for Avengers: Endgame on repeat when it released on Thursday morning while also hyper-examining the new Endgame poster. However, instead of finding some really cool, hidden Easter egg on the poster, a lot of fans noticed a super important omission. Danai Gurira, aka Okoye, the General of the Dora Milaje, was the only actor featured on the new poster without a credit.

Understandably, fans were pretty upset to see Marvel forget to credit Gurira, but the outcry wasn’t just over Marvel’s failure to credit a talented, valuable part of the MCU. Fans were even more upset that this omission managed to ignore the talents of the only Black actress on the poster (though they did manage to remember to credit Bradley Cooper, who lends his voice to Rocket Raccoon). To put it lightly, it was not a great look for Marvel.

Happily, Marvel was incredibly quick to correct their error. The studio quickly re-issued the poster, including Gurira’s credit. In a tweet sent out by Marvel that included the updated poster, they said Gurira’s credit “should have been up there the whole time.”

It was great to see Marvel react so quickly to their error, and immediately release a new poster. Still, we wish they would have never forgotten to include her name in the first place. If nothing else, with Thanos snapping away half of the galaxy’s heroes, we can’t afford to leave anyone out, but especially not when they’re as badass as Danai Gurira’s Okoye.

You can see Okoye and the rest of the surviving MCU heroes in action when Avengers: Endgame opens in theaters everywhere this April.

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