Jessie Cadle

Jessie is a 20-year-old Ohio University journalism major with an affinity for chai tea, comedy writing and food magazines. She owns far too many pastel cardigans and knee-high socks, and harbors a secret fear that she is a middle-aged woman due to the number of nights she stays in with a good book/the Gilmore Girls instead of going out.

She spends her time on myriad activities from serving as president for OU's improvisational comedy troupe (and performing with them too: to editing the campus' fashion publication Thread Magazine. She can really be summed up with a simple look at her bedside table. It holds a copy of Mindy Kaling's new book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion, cookies mailed from her grandma, Anna Quindlen's Living Out Loud and the second season of Community. (Don't worry, her nearest bookshelf serves as a shrine to her Harry Potter collection.)

Did she mention she will be covering Parks and Recreation for your reading pleasure? Because it's the truth. Knope 2012.