Brittany is a writer, avid TV blogger, and co-host of the Afictionados Podcast Network. She trained at Vancouver Film School in screenwriting for television and film, and is an aspiring journalist. When she’s not watching the Food Network, she’s consuming every bit of sci-fi television she can get her hands on (current favorites include The 100, Person of Interest, and Doctor Who). She’s always up for female-led dramas and, of course, a literal interpretation of the phrase “Netflix and chill.” You can follow her on Twitter at @brittania_ and at @theafictionados.


Claire is an award-winning playwright and the author of the time travel science fiction novel THE REWIND FILES (2015, Retrofit Publishing). She is also an obsessive fangirl who co-hosts the Meta Station podcast on Soundcloud, recapping and discussing the CW show "The 100," as well as the "Person of Interest" podcast on The Giantist network. She loves dinosaurs, middle-aged actresses, "Star Trek," Christmas, intersectional feminism, shipping Kabby and Shoot, coffee, Oxford commas, and naps. Her all-time favorite show is "The West Wing." She currently lives in Portland, Oregon, in a house with a Liberace shrine and way too many books. Find her on Twitter at @clairewillett.