Perhaps not surprising since her character hasn’t been seen since early in Glee season three, actress Ashley Fink says her character likely won’t be returning.

UPDATE: Fink addressed this story with the following tweet, noting she doesn’t know whether or not she’s ever returning:

She spoke to The Insider at the premiere of Chris Colfer’s Struck By Lightning premiere:

“It is what it is. Lauren’s somewhere in that school, she’s just not on camera or being talked about [laughs]. She’s involved in activities that aren’t televised.”

And no one is sadder about this turn of events that Lauren. “Of course I miss me on Glee. I miss everybody. I miss the fun experience that show is. But Glee is very much a fly by the seat of your pants [operation] in the way that best laid plans never quite come together. They have so many [characters] to take care of and I think once they made the decision that all these characters were going to graduate, it shifted the way this season was going to go. I haven’t heard anything from Ryan, but I visited [while they were filming] prom, so I got to see everybody, which was great.”

We had heard in September that Fink’s role would be reduced, but were not sure if she was gone for good. She doesn’t appear to be confident about returning.

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