2:16 pm EDT, April 11, 2018

Eoin Colfer to expand Artemis Fowl universe with spin-off series

'The future is bright. The future is Fowl.'

A movie and a new spin-off series? Fans of Artemis Fowl have plenty to look forward to over the next few years!

Artemis Fowl is not the only member of his family who leads an interesting life. The focus of the highly popular series by Irish author Eoin Colfer, the adventures of Artemis Fowl filled the pages of eight novels. Now — well in 2020, at least — new adventures from the Fowl family will become known.

The Fowl Twins series, to arrive in February 2020, will focus on the two younger siblings of Artemis, Myles and Beckett.

Author Eoin Colfer says, “I am delighted to be back in the world of fairies, magic, and criminal masterminds, and I could not be more pleased that Disney and HarperCollins, two wonderful publishers with whom I share a long and fruitful history, are going to unleash the Fowl twins on the world. I cannot wait for a whole new generation of readers to immerse themselves in the magical adventures of Myles and Beckett. The future is bright. The future is Fowl.”

Included in the announcement were confirmations that come magical creatures and familiar faces would surface in the new series. Hopefully the series can live up to the wit, high-tech gadgetry, and character development the first series unveiled.

This is not the only recent news to come from the Artemis Fowl universe. The long talked about film is currently in production with most casting confirmed. Irish actor Ferdia Shaw will take on the title role with Kenneth Branagh directing.

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With the movie and the new series hitting shelves, perhaps Artemis Fowl can find the audience that might have missed his debut the first time around. While I don’t anticipate the Harry Potter franchise fading away entirely, Artemis Fowl may have finally found the lull in the hype to give the series a renaissance.

Which Artemis Fowl characters do you hope to see again?

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