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Arrowverse recap: Discussing ‘Supergirl’ 3×12, ‘The Flash’ 4×12, ‘Black Lightning’ 1×03, ‘Arrow’ 6×12

By Caitlin Kelly | Edited by Donya Abramo

This week’s Arrowverse episodes were Supergirl 3×12 “For Good,” The Flash 4×12 “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash,” Black Lightning 1×03 “LaWanda: The Book of Burial,” and Arrow 6×12 “All for Nothing.” We recap the week in CW superheroes!

‘Supergirl’ 3×12 ‘For Good’

After a run-in with Lena and James, Morgan Edge loses control of his car. He’s forced to climb into the back and jump out of the trunk. Edge storms into CatCo and accuses Lena of trying to kill him. Later that day, Lena takes a sip of her coffee and collapses, foaming at the mouth.

As James chases down the poisoner, Kara flies Lena to the DEO; Alex diagnoses cyanide poisoning, so Kara drops Lena’s body temperature to treat her. Meanwhile, James catches the poisoner, but the poisoner is shot with a dissolving bullet.

Lena wakes up at CatCo, and James and Kara make up a lame story about paramedics. They tell Lena about the bullet, which sounds familiar. At L Corp she finds notes on a prototype for that very thing; it was produced at Thundercorp, so Lena heads there — and finds Lillian waiting. Mommy Dearest plans to take out Edge for threatening Lena.

Lena decides to leverage Edge’s life for a confession of his wrongdoings at a gala. Edge is flattered that he’s caught Lillian’s attention, but that doesn’t last long as a drone shoots at Edge, whose badge serves as a target. He eventually confesses so Lena pulls off his badge. But Lillian shows up to finish the job. She dons a Lexosuit and fights Mon-El and Supergirl while Lena and Guardian focus on Edge.

With help from Winn, Mon-El and Supergirl stop Lillian, who is arrested but is likely to escape custody. Lena, for her part, realizes she has more ambition.

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Meanwhile, Alex conducts tests on Sam. Her MRI and blood tests come back normal, though, leaving her with more questions about why she’s losing time. Alex convinces Sam to confide in Lena and Kara, and they promise to support her and Ruby.

Finally, the DEO narrows down the identity of one of the Worldkillers.

‘The Flash’ 4×12 ‘Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash’

Barry realizes that Big Sir is innocent of the crime he’s been locked up for. He asks Team Flash to look into his new friend’s case, and luckily, the guy who actually killed the man Big Sir was locked up for killing, Sylbert Rundin, shrunk a building in broad daylight.

Joe, Cisco and Ralph head over to Rundin’s place and realize that he was one of the metas on the bus; he has the ability to (basically) grow and shrink things. And he shrinks Cisco and Ralph. Harry comes up with a ray to resize them, but it only destabilizes them, meaning they have limited time to return to normal or die. They must get back in Rundin’s beam.

The team tracks Rundin down and Harry tricks him into returning Cisco and Ralph to size. They arrest Rundin, but he refuses to confess to the crime that Big Sir was locked up for, meaning no appeal. Barry feels guilty so, when the camera turns away from his cell, he speeds Big Sir to China, which was his dream getaway.

However, the warden installed a camera on Barry’s cell, so he caught him using his powers. He knocks Barry out and calls Amunet Black, whom he plans to sell Barry to.

Meanwhile, Cecile gets telepathy from her pregnancy, which eventually forces her and Joe to confront the insecurities they’re both facing with a new baby (a girl!) coming.

‘Black Lightning’ 1×03 ‘LaWanda: The Book of Burial’

Inspired by LaWanda and Black Lightning, Revered Holt calls for 100 of his parishioners — which include the Pierces — to march with him in protect of The 100 gang. Black Lightning is inspiring people to fight for what The 100 has taken from them, though Jefferson has mixed feelings.

Lady Eve, funeral parlor owner and bridge between The 100 and local corrupt leaders, is also unhappy about the news. She orders Tobias to make sure the people don’t feel like they can retake the streets.

Jefferson knows there is likely to be a problem, so he and Gambi reroute the marchers to a route more easily monitored. Gambi also helps Jefferson channel his lightning in a thinner stream so he can fire through crowds.

On the night of the march, Lynn joins Anissa, Jennifer and Khalil at the march as Black Lightning watches on. When he spots a shooter, he provides a shield for the marchers then takes down the shooter. This gives Reverend Holt and the other marchers hope.

Tobias is watching on, and he’s furious to see Black Lightning alive and giving hope. He orders him killed, and Syonide fires, though her bullet goes through Revered Holt and also hits Khalil. Reverend Holt will recover, but Khalil’s spine was hit. He may never walk again.

Meanwhile, Anissa tests out her powers and realizes she must control her breathing to tap into her strength. She also meets Grace Choi, and there are sparks. When her girlfriend catches them dancing at a party, they break up. And Jennifer and Khalil plan to have sex for the first time.

‘Arrow’ 6×12 ‘All for Nothing’

It’s been a week since Cayden James started holding Star City hostage. It’s time for Vince to prove his worth as a double agent. Grudgingly, the teams agree to work together with Vince to catch James.

Felicity gives Vince a device to copy the files on James’ server in the hope of finding the bomb. Vince talks his way around being caught in the server room then transmits the files to Team Arrow before James’ team captures him, recognizing him as a mole.

Felicity recruits Elena to help go through James’ file, and they get a lead — a huge warehouse. However, Vince’s comms are activated, revealing that he’s being tortured. Dinah will only go after Vince, and NTA backs her up. Oliver and Diggle look for the bomb, but they find a hostage situation while James’ men escape. They needed more manpower.

Dinah finds Vince and seems to rescue him, until an explosion traps Dinah under a steel beam. James and Black Siren arrive, and James orders Black Siren to kill Vince. She uses her Canary Cry as Dinah watches on — the second time she’s watched him die. And when she learns that OTA didn’t get the bomb, it’s as if Vince died for nothing. She is going to avenge Vince by killing every member of James’ crew, starting with Black Siren.

In the files from James’ server, though, Elena discovered a video of James’ son’s death. It looks as though Green Arrow killed him, but Oliver was out of town. The tampering of the video matches that of the photo released to the news — the one they thought James released. James has another traitor in his midst, one who is pulling James’ stings.

Meanwhile, Quentin catches Black Siren following him, so he and Thea reach out to her. It seems like they might have made some progress until they learn Black Siren killed Vince.

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