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Arrowverse recap: Discussing ‘Supergirl’ 3×02, ‘The Flash’ 4×02, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 3×02, ‘Arrow’ 6×02

This week’s Arrowverse episodes were Supergirl 3×02 “Triggers,” The Flash 4×02 “Mixed Signals,” Legends of Tomorrow 3×02 “Freakshow” and Arrow 6×02 “Tribute.” We recap the week in CW superheroes!

‘Supergirl’ 3×02 ‘Triggers’

Though Kara took a step forward in the season premiere, she continues to struggle in “Triggers.” When she faces off against a metahuman, Psi (played by Jane the Virgin‘s Yael Grobglas), whose psychic abilities allow her to feed on her victims’ fear, she has flashbacks to being trapped in a pod.

This is because she is feeling guilty about sending Mon-El away in a pod. Because they haven’t heard from him, Kara worries that she sent Mon-El to his death and blames herself. This fear leads to very real panic attacks, but her sisterly bond with a wonderfully supportive Alex helps Kara push past her fear and defeat Psi.

Meanwhile, Lena arrives at CatCo, announcing she is going to be a hands-on CEO. She roams around and holds meetings with the various departments — all without telling editor-in-chief James. After a confrontation, Lena also refuses to allow Kara to get away with not doing her job; the two eventually reconcile and Kara acknowledges that Lena was right.

And Ruby, Samantha’s daughter, is convinced her mother has superpowers, so she puts herself in danger to force her mother to use her powers. Samantha, however, doesn’t show the strength she did when she lifted the tower holding Ruby down and they are both lucky when Supergirl arrives.

Finally, J’onn receives a psychic message from M’gann, asking him to come to Mars.

‘The Flash’ 4×02 ‘Mixed Signals’

Barry is catching up on everything he missed over the six months he spent in the Speed Force, from Game of Thrones to wedding planning. However, Iris is bothered by his barreling forward without consulting her like a true partner. When Caitlin suggests couples’ therapy (she and Ronnie did it when they first started dating), Iris makes an appointment to work on their communication.

Though their first appointment is interrupted by Barry needing to rush to CCPD to stop a bomb from going off, at their second appointment, Iris reveals what is truly bothering her: if she and Barry are the gold standard of romances, as they claim to be, then how could he leave her?

While Barry has a lot of weight on his shoulders, Iris reminds him that when she put on that engagement ring, The Flash was no longer just Barry Allen but Barry and Iris. Barry proves he understands her when he takes her risky advice while in the field fighting against the week’s metahuman.

Speaking of this week’s metahuman, Kilg%re is a meta who can control technology as though it is an organic virus. He targets three former partners who stole his work and got rich from it. He takes advantage of all the technology Cisco placed in Barry’s new suit, though Barry eventually overcomes Kilg%re’s control and infects him with digital antibodies.

Kilg%re was left locked up in the metahuman wing of Iron Heights, which is apparently right where The Thinker wanted him.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 3×02 ‘Freakshow’

The Legends hunt an anachronism at PT Barnum’s circus where he is showing off a genuine saber-toothed tiger. When Ray’s portable shrink ray enlarges the tiger, Sara takes the jump ship to 1942 to ask Amaya for help.

Nate doesn’t take her return well. So while Sara and Amaya successfully track down and shrink the tiger, Nate, Jax and Ray go out drinking. Nate gets in a fight defending the bearded lady’s honor and steels up, catching Barnum’s attention. Nate drunkenly reveals that Jax and Ray also have abilities, so Barnum kidnaps the latter two while Nate returns to the ship.

While Amaya and Nate are out looking for Jax and Ray, they are also kidnapped. They talk about Amaya leaving Nate; she’d gone to Detroit to see Mari, her granddaughter, firsthand. Then, realizing she couldn’t jeopardize Mari’s existence, returned to 1942. She wanted Nate to hate her rather than come looking for her.

And when Amaya uses her totem to channel a bear, she is completely taken over by animal instincts. Nate talks her down, but she admits to the team that the real reason she came back was because of her malfunctioning totem.

Meanwhile, the Time Bureau has been spying on the Legends. When Sara takes Gary, one of the agents, hostage, Agent Sharpe comes aboard. She and Sara fight, and Sharpe slips that there is some larger evil coming that Rip believes the Legends may be able to face.

And in the final moments of the episode, a robed figure resurrects Kuasa, Mari’s late sister from Vixen, in the name of Mallus.

‘Arrow’ 6×02 ‘Tribute’

Oliver publicly denies being the Green Arrow after a photo of him in his Green Arrow suit was released, but an FBI agent has already been dispatched to Star City. The team can’t figure out who leaked the photo, though Curtis and Felicity eventually figure out the photo was doctored. They send the proof to Channel 52, and Oliver is freed once more from suspicion of being a superhero — though the FBI won’t drop the investigation.

Meanwhile, Anatoly is in town to extort Oliver for the $20 million in insurance money that was earmarked for rebuilding SCPD. He’s been exiled by the Bratva because his friendship with Oliver made him seem weak; to prove otherwise, he puts the extortion plan in motion by kidnapping visiting foreign dignitaries.

Though Team Arrow rescues three of the four, Anatoly kills the fourth when he doesn’t get the money he demanded. Oliver is horrified, but Anatoly points out that Oliver is naive and Anatoly himself is still honorable.

Meanwhile, Diggle reveals to Dinah that he has degenerative nerve damage. He intends to tell Oliver, but before he can do so, Oliver asks him to become the Green Arrow, as Oliver wants to retire to be a father to William. (Clearly, Oliver is ignoring the fact that Diggle has a child of his own.) And Curtis and Felicity decide to go into business together.

What did you think of ‘Supergirl’ 3×02 ‘Triggers,’ ‘The Flash’ 4×02 ‘Mixed Signals,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 3×02 ‘Freakshow’ and ‘Arrow’ 6×02 ‘Tribute’?

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