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Arrowverse recap: Discussing ‘Supergirl’ 3×01, ‘The Flash’ 4×01, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 3×01, ‘Arrow’ 6×01

This week’s Arrowverse episodes were Supergirl 3×01 “Girl of Steel,” The Flash 4×01 “The Flash Reborn,” Legends of Tomorrow 3×01 “Aruba-Con” and Arrow 6×01 “Fallout.” We recap the week in CW superheroes!

‘Supergirl’ 3×01 ‘Girl of Steel’

Months have passed since Kara sent Mon-El away to save her life, but Kara is still grieving. Rather than give into her human emotions, Kara has taken refuge in her identity as Supergirl. However, while she’s been kicking some major butt as National City’s resident hero, she’s no longer stopping for autographs for kids. She’s not hanging out with her friends at the alien bar. She skips a wedding food tasting that included potstickers. She’s not getting work done at CatCo.

So while Supergirl has shut off the humanity that has made her National City’s favorite daughter, there’s a new human threat looming. Morgan Edge is a real estate developer who is looking to take advantage of the city’s rebuilding efforts after the Daxamite invasion. He threatens to buy CatCo, and he hires a mercenary to bomb the public unveiling of a Supergirl statue. Luckily, Supergirl stops the bombing and Lena buys CatCo instead. She also inspires Kara to return to her job — and in turn, her friends.


  • Alex is sad about her dad not being at her and Maggie’s wedding to walk her down the aisle. So she asks J’onn to do the honor.
  • J’onn and Kara discuss losing loved ones in one of the best scenes of the episode.
  • Reign, the season’s Big Bad, made her debut; she’s just a single mother who discovers amazing strength when she needs to save her daughter and has a creepy dream about Kara’s mother.
  • Cat Grant is White House press secretary and nothing could be more perfect.

‘The Flash’ 4×01 ‘The Flash Reborn’

In the six months since Barry went into the Speed Force, Team Flash VibeKid Flash S.T.A.R. Labs, with Joe backing up Kid Flash and Vibe in the field and Iris monitoring from the lab, has been doing its best to protect Central City. When a samurai with a powerful sword and wings shows up demanding to face The Flash, Cisco and Iris butt heads. Cisco has been working on a way to rescue Barry while Iris has accepted Barry’s absence as permanent.

Cisco vibes Caitlin and discovers her significantly less Killer Frosty and tending bar. He asks her to help him free Barry and she readily agrees. Their combined efforts succeed in returning a naked and bearded Barry who is speaking nonsense and writing a strange language on every wall he can find. The team isn’t sure whether this is all that’s left of Barry or if they can return their friend to normal.

Iris’s solution? Offer herself up to the samurai, believing that her being in danger will bring Barry back to her. And she’s right. Joe’s frantic plea for help snaps Barry out of whatever trance he was in. He dons the new suit Cisco made for him and stops the samurai — which turns out to be a robot. Barry has no memories of his time in the Speed Force, but he’s healthy and happy to be home.


  • Cecile is moving in with Joe, and I wholeheartedly endorse good things happening for Joe West.
  • Caitlin isn’t as cured as she initially seemed; she also has some shady ties with the people running the bar she was working at.
  • The robot was sent by the new villain, The Thinker. Finally, a non-speedster!

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 3×01 ‘Aruba-Con’

Moments after the Legends realize how much they’ve messed up time, Rip appears with agents from the Time Bureau. This version of Rip has been running the Time Bureau for five years, and his agents are cleaning up the Legends’ mess. He takes back The Waverider, and the Legends go back to normal lives.

Mick goes to Aruba (finally). Ray is working for a Silicon Valley company making a Tindr ripoff. Sara is working at a Bed, Bath & Beyond knockoff. Nate is Central City’s second most popular hero (sorry Cisco, guess that makes you third). Jax went back to school and Stein is preparing to become a grandfather. Amaya returned to her time.

But when Julius Caesar shows up in Aruba, Mick calls Sara; with almost everyone miserable in their non-legendary lives, she gets the band back together. However, the Time Bureau thinks they’re a bunch of morons, so the Legends have to steal The Waverider. After a few setbacks (like Nate accidentally giving Caesar foreknowledge of his assassination and changing the future), the team corrects the aberration and Rip reluctantly gives the Legends permission to keep cleaning up their mess.

  • Ray could only get a job at a Tindr knockoff? Turning Palmer Tech over to Felicity was a bad move, but still.
  • Also, wouldn’t Sara most likely move back in with her father and perhaps rejoin Team Arrow? Maybe get a job in Oliver’s administration?
  • The writers also remembered that Sara is bisexual.
  • Amaya is protecting her village in Zambesi.

‘Arrow’ 6×01 ‘Fallout’

So, who lived, who died and who fell into a coma? The only fatality seems to have been Samantha, after she pleads with Oliver to be William’s father. Thea has been in a coma since the explosion.

The other members of the team, Slade and Black Siren survived, though Quentin shot Black Siren when she threatened to kill Dinah. Nyssa and Talia likely survived as well because they are Ra’s’ daughters. No news about Evelyn, who’d been locked in a cage. And Malcolm died before Chase’s bomb went off.

Present day:

  • Black Siren has hired some mercenaries and they blow up the SCPD station and ransack the Arrow Cave. In the process, she takes one of Curtis’s prototype T-spheres.
  • Quentin continues to struggle with guilt over shooting Black Siren.
  • William blames Oliver for his mother’s death and Raisa, the Queen family maid who hasn’t appeared since the pilot, is helping take care of William. However, Oliver continues to work on developing a relationship with his son and by the end it might be working.
  • Diggle is unable to shoot his gun and Dinah isn’t letting him off the hook.
  • Oliver got Rene a new custody hearing for his daughter.
  • In the final moments of the episode, the news broadcasts an image of Oliver in his Green Arrow suit with the hood down.

What did you think of ‘Supergirl’ 3×01 ‘Girl of Steel,’ ‘The Flash’ 4×01 ‘The Flash Reborn,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 3×01 ‘Aruba-Con’ and ‘Arrow’ 6×01 ‘Fallout’?

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