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‘Arrow’: More sibling resurrections than ‘Supernatural’?

Okay, not really. But there are still quite a few.

The Winchester brothers have some competition with sibling resurrections, as Arrow has racked up quite a few lately.

In Arrow season 4, episode 7, “Brotherhood,” another Team Arrow sibling came back to life. We couldn’t help but notice the sheer number of sibling resurrections that have cropped up over the first four seasons of the series (and the fact that Arrow airs before Supernatural, which features two brothers who have literally been to Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory before coming back to life helps hammer it home).

We look back at the sibling resurrections we’ve seen in Arrow‘s first four seasons.

Season 1

Arrow season 4 sibling resurrections Oliver

Oliver Queen

Arrow began with Oliver Queen’s “resurrection,” as he returned to Starling City five years after supposedly drowning at sea. Oliver returned to his family, including his younger sister, Thea. We know from the flashbacks over the last four seasons that Oliver did not spend the entire five years on the island, but he did not return to his family until his rescue at the beginning of the series. And thus began the adventures of the man who would become the Green Arrow.

Season 2

Arrow season 4 sibling resurrections Canary

Sara Lance

After a fake-out in season 1 when River Song Mama Lance thought she had evidence Sara was alive, we discovered in season 2 that she is alive after all. She was thought to have drowned when the Queen’s Gambit went down, but she ended up on Lian Yu with Oliver before supposedly drowning during Oliver’s fight with Slade Wilson.

This was also a fake-out, as Nyssa al Ghul found Sara, nursed her back to health, and brought her into the fold of the League of Assassins. Sara took on the name Canary and became a much-feared assassin. She returned to Starling City after the city was bombed at the end of season 1 and couldn’t bring herself to return to the League to continue killing. It took a while, but Sara and Laurel were eventually able to mend fences and become closer.

Season 3

Arrow season 4 sibling resurrections Oliver, Ra's

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Oliver Queen

When Oliver faced off against Ra’s al Ghul in combat to protect Thea, who was guilty of murdering Nyssa’s beloved, Sara, though she didn’t do it of her own volition (we’ll come back to this), he was soundly defeated.

Ra’s stabbed him through the chest, Oliver’s life flashed before his eyes, and he fell off a cliff. He was rescued and nursed back to health by Maseo and Tatsu Yamashiro. He returned to Starling City — and his sister — and declared his determination to protect the city.

Arrow season 4 sibling resurrections Thea

Thea Queen

When Oliver refused to join the League of Assassins as Ra’s al Ghul’s protege, Ra’s took matters into his own hands. He fatally stabbed Thea and offered Oliver the use of the Lazarus Pit for her — if Oliver then joined his ranks. Oliver, naturally, agreed and Thea was returned from the brink of death. Now she’s dealing with bloodlust that is a side effect of using the Pit.

Season 4

Arrow season 4 sibling resurrections Sara

Sara Lance

Sara was murdered in the season 3 premiere as part of a convoluted plan by Malcolm Merlyn to get Oliver to fight Ra’s al Ghul. A year later, Laurel learned about the Lazarus Pit and demanded Malcolm, now Ra’s al Ghul, use the Pit to return Sara to life. He eventually agreed, though he warned it had never been used for the dead before.

Sara initially came back feral because she didn’t have a soul, but with the help of John Constantine, Oliver and Laurel retrieved her soul. She is also currently dealing with Pit-induced bloodlust and is looking for purpose in her second third fourth chance at life.

Arrow season 4 sibling resurrections Andy

Andy Diggle

Like many of these “resurrections,” Andy Diggle was never actually dead. We’ll undoubtedly learn the truth of his recruitment into H.I.V.E. — and why Deadshot, who never missed, didn’t kill him — as the story progresses, but it seems that he’s been brought under the sway of Damien Darhk and is loyal to him. He left behind a wife and daughter, which would not have been something that happened lightly.

So what?

While this might be amusing to note, it’s also worth considering the parallels between the characters — both those who have returned from the dead (or “dead”) and those who were left behind. For example, Oliver and Laurel were willing to go to any length to save their siblings while Diggle wanted to let the entire thing drop.

Meanwhile, Sara’s path runs parallel to Oliver’s in a number of ways, including the multiple resurrections and training to survive in the wild before donning a costume. After their respective crucibles, both Oliver and Sara had to deal with the deadly forces they had become.

Arrow season 4 sibling resurrections Canary, Vigilante

Furthermore, the relationships between the blood-related siblings and the found siblings — like Laurel and Thea, Diggle and Oliver — also parallel one another and inform their relationships with their blood siblings. These parallels have only served to enrich the story.

This list also doesn’t take into account resurrections of non-Team Arrow siblings, including Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson, and Ray Palmer. Supernatural better watch out; Arrow is catching up in the battle of resurrections on Wednesday night on The CW.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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