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‘Arrow’ season 2, episode 14 recap: A sister’s love

Arrow season 2, episode 14, “Time of Death,” aired tonight, featuring a look at Sara’s connection to Sin, and Felicity coming to terms with another woman in Oliver’s life.

Arrow opens with a man walking into a secure building and being given instructions from a mysterious person on the phone. The man is joined by another to steal something locked up in a brief case. The mystery man seemingly knows everything about the building and the security.

The next scene cuts to Sara, Oliver, and Diggle working out with sticks while Felicity watches. Diggle accidentally hits Sara in the face. The three begin to compare all their scars and Felicity awkwardly chimes in that she has scars in her mouth from having her wisdom teeth removed. Sara says she feels weird attending a welcome home party that Oliver is throwing her.

Sara arrives at the party with her parents. Sin sees her and gives her a big hug, much to the curiosity of Thea and Roy. Lance pulls Oliver aside to apologize for the way he treated him and to say that Laurel needs time and won’t be coming to the party.

Time of DeathBefore the party really gets started, Detective Lance gets called away because of a murder in the glades. As Lance is heading to the scene, he is joined by Sara and Oliver. He makes a snappy comment about them showing up to every scene and then fills them in on the case.

Felicity is practicing her self-defense skills when Sara comes in to give her a few pointers. Oliver follows with a “what are you wearing?” comment, referring to her workout clothes, and that doesn’t please Felicity. He is intent on finding information on the skeleton key and the person behind the attacks.

Oliver and Sara head to a robbery in progress, but they miss the men due to the mystery man. He hacks into their communication system, letting them know he has set a train and bus to collide. Luckily, the Arrow heads for the bus and Black Canary goes after the man. She lands a blow to the head before his men begin to shoot at her. Felicity is stumped, by the man’s ability to control the networks and security systems.


A flashback scene shows a plane flying over the island, but before Slade, Oliver and Sara can do anything, the plane is shot out of the sky. The pilot is wounded but still talking. Oliver and Slade head to the bunker to get medical supplies. Sara talks with the pilot, and he hands her a picture of his daughter, who he feels will now be all alone in the world. In a later scene the pilot dies.

Thea confronts Oliver about avoiding their mom. He insists that everything is fine. He even calls her Speedy. Oliver heads to the Arrow cave to see Felicity, who insists that their comms should be safe from now on. Sara has blood from the mystery man and runs it herself, much to Felicity’s annoyance. She uses the information that Sara discovers to identify him as William Tockman.

It’s a Trap

Oliver and Sara head out to the location Felicity has on Tockamn, but it is a trap. Tockman left a device in the building that allows him to hack into the network Felicity uses. Tockman begins to speak through the network to Felicity in a very creepy way. Tockman surges the equipment in the Arrow cave and everything kind of blows up.

Fire in the Arrow Cave

Oliver returns to assess the damage of the Arrow cave. Tockman still needs money, so Oliver liquidates some stock to set a trap for Tockman. Sara tries to stay and help rather than go to Laurel’s for dinner. Felicity tells her that family is important and she needs to go. When Sara asks Oliver to go with her, he tries to refuse but is sent away by Felicity.

Diggle tries to talk to Felicity about her feelings for Oliver, but she changes the topic. She is angry at herself for the security that she set up and a little jealous about Sara’s abilities. She feels threatened now that Sara is a permanent fixture. Felicity feels she won’t be needed anymore. Diggle sweetly tells her she is irreplaceable.

Time of Death

Dinner Party from Hell

Laurel is preparing for the dinner party by popping a pill, but she is interrupted by Sara’s arrival. At the table Dinah insists that she is not coming back to Starling because she has someone. Laurel says that everyone should have someone and notices a look between Sara and Oliver. When Laurel realizes what is going on, she yells at Sara and leaves.

Oliver follows her out and they argue. She blames Oliver for everything, and Oliver calls her out on her behavior. Oliver makes it clear that he is done with Laurel. He tells her that he has loved her for half his life, but he can’t do it anymore.

Felicity Saves the Day

Oliver returns to the Arrow cave to Diggle alone. Felicity has been missing for hours. She calls in to tell Oliver that Tockman took the bait and that she is waiting at the bank for him.

Diggle, Sara, and Oliver show up at the bank. Oliver is clearly angry with Felicity. Tockman and his men show up and he once again hacks Felicity. Diggle goes downstairs to turn off the gas main while Oliver takes care of the men he sent in.

Felicity realizes that she has a way to track Tockman. She and Sara go after him. Tockman is waiting and pulls a gun on them. Sara knocks Felicity out of the way, but in the end Felicity uses the same virus Tockman used on her to zap his cell phone. Tockman is knocked out by the shock and all seems to be well.

Sara patches Felicity up, and Diggle gives her some oxycodone for the pain. She finally has a scar. Oliver talks to Felicity about how she has been feeling. She says she is used to being his girl and tries to make it sound different. Oliver cups her cheek and tells her she will always his girl.

Time of Death


Sara is behind the bar mixing drinks. Thea hired her to be the new bartender. Oliver than receives an ominous text to head home. Just as he is leaving, Laurel shows up at the bar to talk to Sara. Laurel tells Sara that she went on that boat with her too and that she has been drowning for years. The sisters share a sweet moment.

Sin shows up at the bar and sees Sara crying. The two talk and Sara tells Sin she is still her little sister. Sara pulls the picture she kept from the island out of her pocket to reveal that the pilot’s daughter was Sin.

Oliver shows up at home to find out that Thea set him up to talk with his mother. Moira brings Oliver in to introduce the man she is having a meeting with, Slade Wilson. The two share a look and the episodes ends.

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