Arrow producers have given some interesting info about the character who will be Oliver Queen’s confidant. Spoilers.

As we learned last week in the stills and synopsis for episode 1×06 “Legacies,” Oliver Queen will be teaming up with his security man Diggle. This was to be expected after Oliver revealed to Diggle that he was Arrow at the end of last week’s episode.

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Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has given some information on what is in store for Oliver and Diggle. Kreisberg said that they always knew that Oliver needed someone he could share his secrets with, and that they’ll be able to get rid of the voiceovers. We couldn’t be more thrilled because we think those voiceovers are terribly cheesy.

Kresiberg said that Oliver and Diggle need each other:

“We always say that if Oliver is the dark and Dig is the light, the truth is somewhere in between. They really need each other — Oliver needs someone to remind him of the value of life and that the extreme way is not the only way. And that sort of push and pull between the characters has given us so many great episodes because you get to see them not just having fun as partners but also see them wrestle with the morality of this quest they are both on.”

So why is Diggle helping Oliver be Arrow?

“Since he’s come back and is in personal security, he feels like he’s not making a difference in the world. So teaming up with Oliver certainly gives him the opportunity to do that.”

Thanks, EW.

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Arrow returns this Wednesday, October 10 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Do you like Diggle helping Oliver be Arrow?

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