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‘Arrow’ season 3, episode 19 recap: Sacrifice

Arrow season 3, episode 19, “Broken Arrow,” aired tonight. Read our recap and discuss the episode with fellow fans.

Metahuman in Starling

At Starling National, two guards watch Roy’s televised arrest. The power starts flickering, so one guard checks it out. He runs into a metahuman who shoots plasma energy from his eyes. The guard and his partner are quickly killed.

At SCPD, Captain Lance knows Roy is taking the fall for Oliver, but Laurel arrives and says the D.A.’s office is demanding Oliver be released since Roy has just been arrested for the same crime. Lance is forced to free Oliver, who is unhappy, but Laurel is trying to keep both him and Roy out of prison.

Arrow season 3, episode 19 recap Oliver, Laurel

At Palmer Technologies, Ray finds Felicity working in her office. He asks about Roy then walks his confession of love back since Felicity didn’t return the sentiment.

Meanwhile, Oliver visits Roy at SCPD. Roy says that Oliver once saved his life, and now Roy can do the same for Oliver. He also says that for the first time since learning that he killed the cop, he is okay.

Foundry… found

Oliver meets Malcolm Merlyn, who tells him that Ra’s won’t stop until Oliver becomes the next Demon’s Head, implying that a loved one is likely to die before all is said and done.

In the foundry, the team is alerted to the metahuman’s activities. Oliver wants to call Barry, but Felicity doesn’t think that’s a good idea, considering what Barry is dealing with on The Flash. Their planning to stop the metahuman is cut short by Lance with a search warrant. The police bust into the foundry and do a search, but the only fingerprints are Roy’s — Felicity wiped everything down.

Arrow season 3, episode 19 recap Lance

Oliver is unable to do anything about the metahuman, since officers are following him. Felicity suggests they go to Ray, and Ray is excited to team up.

Thea visits Roy at Iron Heights. Roy says he didn’t want to see her because he swore that he wouldn’t lie to her again. When Roy says he’ll be all right, Thea recognizes the lie.


At Palmer Technologies, Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle have gathered. Ray visited the bank and used some tech to clear up the radiation from the security footage — which gets them their meta’s identity: Central City resident Jake Simmons. They figure out where he was last seen, and the Atom heads out.

Simmons attacks the Atom, and when the Atom shoots back, Simmons thanks him for topping him off. The Atom goes down quickly and is forced to retreat. Oliver says Ray depends too much on his technology; he, himself, is the weapon while the suit is just a tool.

Arrow season 3, episode 19 recap Atom

At Iron Heights, Roy is attacked by inmates but fends them off.

Meanwhile, Lance serves a warrant on the loft. Lance’s old partner tries to convince him to let his vendetta go. Thea is furious, but Lance then gets a call about the attack.

Power outage

At Ray’s, Felicity suggests overloading Simmons, using the city’s power grid. Thea then arrives and tells Oliver about Roy. Oliver is determined to break Roy out, but Diggle tries to talk him down. Diggle fails, though, so Felicity tries. She tells Oliver that he needs to let people help him. No matter what he does, after all, there is no more Arrow. However, Oliver Queen is a man she believes in.

Iron Heights: Lance visits Roy, saying that he’s been trying to protect Roy since he was on the streets. Roy replies that he deserves to be in prison for the officer he killed.

Felicity hits the city’s power grid, where Simmons is posing as a worker. When her signal goes down, Ray calls her, and Simmons answers. After he hangs up, Felicity escapes his grasp and runs, but Simmons stalks her.

Arrow season 3, episode 19 recap Deathbolt

To protect Felicity, Ray and Oliver join forces with Ray in the suit and Oliver remotely controlling it. He arrives as Simmons prepares to kill Felicity and the two fight. However, the link is severed during the fight. Simmons gets the upper hand again, but Oliver encourages Ray to dig deep; Ray does so and knocks Simmons out.

At Iron Heights, a guard shivs Roy, and he appears to bleed out. At the Queen loft, Lance comforts Thea and tells Oliver that Roy was killed.

According to plan

In the foundry, Oliver blames himself for not helping Roy. Felicity and Diggle say they’ll understand if Oliver doesn’t forgive them — but not for what he thinks. Roy walks in then, alive. The entire thing had been planned; the prison guard was one of Lyla’s contacts. He stabbed Roy without fatally wounding him and drugged him to fake his death.

Roy bids farewell to his friends and leaves Starling for a fresh start.

Ray brings Simmons to S.T.A.R. Labs’ metahuman prison. Cisco, looking through Simmons’ records, realizes he wasn’t in Central City when the particle accelerator malfunctioned. So, how did he get his powers?

Meanwhile, Ra’s al Ghul attacks Thea in her apartment. Thea fights back, but Ra’s stabs her and leaves her bleeding on the floor.

Arrow season 3, episode 19 recap Maseo, Oliver

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong…

Oliver and the Yamashiros are in hiding when Oliver decides to visit Amanda Waller. When Oliver arrives at A.R.G.U.S., though, he finds that the Army has been holding Waller captive. General Shrieve wants to unleash the Alpha and Omega on Hong Kong and blame the Triad; he sees China as a threat to the U.S. Waller tells Oliver to get out of Hong Kong.

Realizing they can’t get off the island, though, Oliver and the Yamashiros decide to steal the antidote. They break into the military base and steal some. Afterward, Oliver wants Maseo and Tatsu to inoculate themselves and Akio while he stops Shrieve, but Tatsu is adamant that they will help.

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