Arrested Development season 5, should it get the green light from Netflix, will make use of the ostriches that appeared in season 4.

TV Guide asked Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz what the point of the ostriches were in season 4. He revealed that the furry birds are for Arrested Development season 5.

“There’s a lot in this show that not only refers to later episodes but that also refer to a future story. A lot of what we were doing was setting up a future for this world. I would put the ostriches in that camp,” he said.”

Hurwitz added that he wanted to have elements in season 4 that can be used in Arrested Development season 5. “It was important to me that I had a story behind this one that we built to. Whether that ever becomes a feature or a puppet show or a graphic novel or a needlepoint pattern, I’m not sure. A lot of things [this season] make sense when you re-watch it. Then there are other things that are just set up for something in the future. And then there are other things that are probably just bad writing.”

Both Netflix and Hurwitz have said that they do want to create Arrested Development season 5, but the issue is figuring out when they can get the whole cast back. There is also the looming Arrested Development movie which will likely be created once they are finished creating new seasons.

With many of the cast members busy with other television and movie projects, it’ll be a challenge to get everyone on board for another season. No matter when they plan to release the next season, we hope the project gets green lit sooner rather than later.

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