A slip up by a publicity site unveiled that Arrested Development season four may premiere its entire run of episodes in early May.

The following episode line up appeared on Fox Fast, a website affording those in the entertainment industry with early access to television shows.

Every episode is dated for a May 4, 2013 premiere. This means fans will be able to consume the entire season, available exclusively on Netflix, in one sitting (if they want to!). It had been decided earlier this year that the entire season would be released at once.

As previously discussed by showrunners, each episode focuses on a particular character. We’re not sure if these are the finalized episode titles or just temporary names. Nonetheless, they tell us exactly which character will have the spotlight:

– Episode 1: “Michael 1”
– Episode 2: “Michael 2”
– Episode 3: “George Sr. 1”
– Episode 4: “George Sr. 2”
– Episode 5: “Lindsay 1”
– Episode 6: “Lindsay 2”
– Episode 7: “Tobias”
– Episode 8: “GOB”
– Episode 9: “Maeby”
– Episode 10: “Lucille”
– Episode 11: “Buster”
– Episode 12: “George Michael 1”
– Episode 13: “George Michael 2”
– Episode 14: “GOB 2”

Following this leak, a Netflix representative told Vulture that this date is not accurate. If this is true, then we have to think that the episodes will at least premiere around May 4.

This season had initially been set for ten episodes, but in recently weeks Netflix ordered four more. And the good news doesn’t stop there: already there is talk of additional seasons being created ahead of an Arrested Development movie, which will wrap up the series for good.

Will you watch Arrested Development season four in one sitting, or take your time? We almost wish each episode premiered a day or two apart so that everyone could enjoy them at the same times.

Thanks to ONTD via Zap2it.

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