Here now is the latest on the casting of Finnick for Catching Fire!

It all started when E! Online reported that the list had been narrowed down to three actors: Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch, and Garrett Hedlund. Kitsch then confirmed himself that he was definitely not playing Finnick.

Now, Lainey Gossip reports that Armie Hammer is at the top of Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence’s list:

Multiple sources tell me that Armie Hammer is far and away the first choice of director Francis Lawrence. That if it were up to him and “if he could start tomorrow with his dream cast, Armie would be Finnick.”

As for the legitimacy of Lainey Gossip? We remember it used to be a reliable source when it came to Twilight news back in 2008/2009, so we’re going to trust its report — for now.

What do you think of Hammer as Finnick?

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