Tonight, Fringe ends with the two-hour series finale. Ari Margolis, creative manager at Fox and Fringe promo creator extraordinaire, has a message for the fans.

Margolis took to Twitter to share his thoughts and express his gratitude with the fan support for the show:

It’s the final #Fringe Friday and I just wanted to say… Thank you!!! It has been an amazing experience working on this show and getting to interact with you guys! While it’s sad that it’s the end, I feel good. Sure, it would have been great to go ten seasons (In an alternate universe it will) but the fact is… Fringe has defied the odds and was able to have the ending it wanted to. And that’s due to all the love for the show… From the cast and crew, from Fox & WB and most significantly from all the fans. I have never witnessed such a passionate, creative, positive, uplifting group of fans in my life! Without you guys, there would have been a much sadder day last May instead of this bittersweet day today! I hope you love the finale as much as I do – to me it’s the perfect ending and so very Fringe! It has been a honor and a privilege to bridge the gap between the show and the fans and– Uh oh, it’s starting to get dusty in my office. The show is ending but the experience is not.. Never be afraid to cross the line. Sincerely, Ari & Alt Ari P.S. – #WatchItLive!!!!!

Can you believe it’s almost the end? Will you be tuning in to the finale tonight? Note that the episode will begin an hour earlier than usual, at 8/7c on Fox.

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