Uh-oh, Bonnie/Jeremy fans (if there are any left), some new spoilers leave the couple’s future uncertain at best!

While we didn’t have much hope – after all, Jeremy practically confessed to Bonnie that Anna was the love of his life, that’s kind of a turn-off – this spoiler from TV Line seems to put a nail in any reconciliation between the pair.

Answering a question about whether the book’s Damon/Bonnie hook-up is in the works for the TV show (um, get in line, Damon/Elena is first!), Ausiello says:

Is there anything in the books about a romance between Bonnie and a charismatic-yet-troubled duded named Jamie? Because I’m fairly certain that’s happening. Not so sure about Damon-Bonnie.

Well, that’s interesting. And here we thought we saw sparks between Bonnie and Alaric last week. You just never know where teenage love will take you.

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