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‘Aquaman’: Breaking down the best moments from the epic extended trailer

The newest Aquaman trailer is a glorious visual feast that clocks in at over five minutes long. Here are our favorite moments from the trailer!

After months of DC fans begging for another Aquaman trailer, James Wan and WB delivered a tremendous gift to hardcore fans and casual movie-goers alike by dropping a five minute Aquaman trailer that is jam-packed with amazing action sequences, astounding visuals and Nicole Kidman kicking ass with a trident.

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San Diego Comic-Con goers (yours truly included) were lucky enough to have already seen it back in July, but now we all get to share in the majesty, wonder and beauty of the worlds built by the superb creative talent of James Wan — and watch it in glorious high definition over and over again.

Let’s break down all of our favorite moments.

Mera’s hydrokinesis


One of my favorite things about the DCEU is how many strong female characters it includes in all its films, and Mera is definitely no exception. Amber Heard described Mera as “her own woman. She’s her own superhero. She’s not Aquawoman, she’s Mera.” She’s not a derivative of Aquaman or a damsel in distress, but is “a warrior princess in Atlantis” who can “also can control water, a power that comes in quite handy.”

In this trailer, we get to see a bit more Mera, including her hydrokinesis, which is something I’m hoping we get to see a lot of in the film. We also are treated to her relationship and banter with Arthur, which I already know is going to be one of my (many) favorite things from Aquaman.

Motherfuckin’ Atlantis

Is that swear word up there absolutely necessary, you may be asking yourself? Yes. Yes it absolutely is.

I really feel like there’s no other way to adequately capture the utter majesty of the visuals and my complete and total awe at what James Wan and all the people involved in the design of Aquaman have been able to accomplish. These shots definitely live up to Jason Momoa’s description of the movie as “Star Wars underwater” and I can’t wait to see more of Atlantis and all the seven kingdoms.

A classic DCEU history lesson

Aquaman History Lesson

A recurring sequence in many of the DCEU films is a history lesson. We got one in Man of Steel, with the culture and history of Krypton, one in Wonder Woman, with the story of the gods and creation of the Amazons, and one of the coolest scenes in Justice League, which showed us the history of Steppenwolfe’s first attempt at taking over Earth and featured a lot of fun cameos and easter eggs for DC fans.

It looks like Aquaman will continue the tradition by giving us the history of Atlantis, its fall, and the origin of the trident. These history lessons are always one of my favorite scenes in the DCEU films, working to fully flesh out the storyline and adding to the world-building, and I’m sure that the scene in Aquaman will be no different. I can’t wait to hear about Atlantis before the fall, the splitting of the seven kingdoms and the power of the one ring to rule them all the trident.


If the fantastic visuals and world-building wasn’t enough, we also got a chance to see some truly top tier action sequences.

The glimpses that we’ve seen of Black Manta so far have been amazing, but this is the first time we get to see his menace and powerful abilities in full display. Everything about him — from his suit, to the long-range laser beams, to the hand-to-hand combat — was absolutely perfect. I love how recognizable and comic-accurate his suit is, while also being practical and intimidating in the real world.

Likewise, the camerawork and cinematography in the chase sequence between one of Black Manta’s army and Mera is truly breathtaking, with the camera dipping in and out of houses and following the chase in one long sweep. Honestly, I feel like this one scene alone is worth the price of admission and I’m super amped to hear that what we’ve seen in the trailer is apparently just scratching the surface of what Aquaman has to offer us.

The Trench

The Trench Aquaman

All the visuals from the trailer have been stunning, but it’s here — in the monstrous creatures of The Trench — that we get to see the talent and influence from James Wan’s horror film background. Wan spoke about wanting to capture the fact that “the ocean is majestic and magical on the one hand but on the other hand it’s a terrifying experience,” and with the Trench, we definitely get to see that latter version.

The Trench was first introduced into the lore of Aquaman in the 2011 New 52 reboot. They are a group of Atlanteans who were lost beneath the ocean floor when Atlantis sank beneath the sea and devolved into terrifying monsters able to survive in the deepest, darkest and scariest part of the ocean. They are concerned only with finding food and eating everything in their way, and I’m sure will play a vital — and horrifying — role in Orm’s antagonism of Arthur and his quest to wage war on the surface.

Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna kicking major ass

What more do I really need to say about this scene other than Nicole Kidman kicks ass while wielding a trident? If that chase scene on the rooftops wasn’t already worth the price of admission, this one definitely is.

My guess is that the happy little home life between Queen Atlanna and Thomas Curry is interrupted by Atlanteans who want her to return to life under the sea, and are wiling to use violence to do so. And while we don’t know much about Atlanna — other than that she’s dead by the time Arthur is an adult — from this one scene we can see that she’s a total badass.

Aquaman’s classic suit on screen

Honestly, I was initially of the opinion that we didn’t need to see Aquaman’s classic because, well, it’s a little bit silly and garish. But after seeing Jason Momoa step out from that waterfall wearing the classic orange and green, I’ve been converted. The gasps and screams in SDCC’s Hall H when this moment premiered was deafening and even I have to admit that it’s completely and totally electric to see this comic’s accurate costume on screen.

It feels to me like somewhat of a culmination of Arthur’s storyline and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it towards the end of the movie. That’s just a guess, really — but either way, I’m happy to see it on screen and I can’t wait to see how it plays out in the movie.

What were some of your favorite moments of the ‘Aquaman’ trailer?

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