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‘Anyone else?’: Thor’s greatest hits

In anticipation of Thor: The Dark World, we’ve decided to compile and relive all of Thor’s greatest hits. And when we say “greatest hits,” we mean it!

Well, sort of. You see, Thor is almost always involved in some of the best hits, but sometimes he’s actually on the receiving end rather than the “giving” end. While we love watching Thor take on his enemies with his incredible brute strength and Mjölnir in hand, we equally enjoy Thor taking a few hits himself because, let’s be honest, it takes quite a lot to take Thor down. He is a Norse god, after all.

So, here is a collection of what we’ve deemed as Thor’s greatest hits so far. Who knows how many more we’ll be able to add after seeing Thor: The Dark World!

Thor vs. tons of people

Thor Hitting Stone Guy in Thor: The Dark World
Via uproxx.com

It’s powers like this one that make us wonder why Thor really ever has a problem against villains. If he can knock them down in one swoop, what’s the problem?

Thor vs. the Frost Giants

Thor vs. The Frost Giants
Via justiiah.tumblr.com

While it may have been a bit of an unfair fight, Thor and his crew really threw down against the Frost Giants. Plus, the “boomerang hammer” is one of our favorite Thor moves. (Fingers crossed we see this move in Thor: The Dark World!)

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Thor vs. Loki

Thor Dropping Loki
Via ineedthisforreactions.tumblr.com

Who could forget the time when Thor pulled a pro-wrestling move on Loki atop of Stark Tower? Who knew that WWE was broadcast as far as Asgard?

Thor vs. The Hulk… in sloooooow motion.

Thor Hitting the Hulk

It was pretty impressive that Thor was able to land such a powerful hit on the Hulk when he was in full-out monster mode. On the other hand, Thor is a god so…

Thor vs. Captain America’s shield

Thor Hitting Captain America's shield

Thor really brought the hammer down in this scene against his fellow Avengers. We wonder why they didn’t use that trick once or twice during the battle of New York!

Thor vs. Tall stone guy

Thor Hitting Stone Guy
Via Screen Crush

We haven’t seen this one quite yet, but it’s pretty impressive in the Thor: The Dark World trailer. Plus, every good hit deserves a one-liner like “Anyone else?”

Thor vs. The coffee cup

Thor smashing coffee cup
Via amandakstoneall.tumblr.com

Thor completely demolished that coffee cup. It never stood a chance. How dare that cup empty itself of coffee and not automatically refill! It had it coming.


Thor vs. Dr. Erik Selvig

Selvig running Thor over
Via justanotherdepressedfangirl.tumblr.com

To be fair, Thor had just walked out of the hospital and wasn’t ready for combat against heavy metal machinery. On the other hand, he’s a god who got mowed down by a middle-aged astrophysicist.

Thor vs. The Hulk’s giant glass cage

Thor plummeting in glass cage
Via kpopthighsandtushes.tumblr.com

While Thor did get a few hits in when dealing with the glass cage, he didn’t really stand a chance. We guess that hitting the glass cage with Mjölnir in the first place wasn’t the best idea.

Thor vs. Iron Man

Thor vs. Iron Man
Via katlaufeyson.tumblr.com

Iron Man ruined such a brotherly bonding moment by giving Thor one of his greatest hits. At least it was nice to know that Loki was listening.

Thor vs. Iron Man (again)

Thor vs. Iron Man again
Via dreamsleepfangirl.tumblr.com

Ok, so Iron Man bested Thor once when he took him by surprise. But twice? With a flying kick? This was definitely not one of his best moments (even though it made us laugh a bit).

Loki vs. Thor

Thor vs the Hulk
Via syn-gifs.tumblr.com

This one is definitely not a “Thor vs.” because it looks like Thor is just getting beaten. While this is not so great for Thor, we can’t wait to see this scene in Thor: The Dark World.

And of course… The Hulk vs. Thor

Thor vs the Hulk
Via bitterstar88.tumblr.com

This hit needs no explanation. It’s hilarious and awesome. Period.

Which one of Thor’s greatest hits is your favorite?

Thor vs the Hulk
Via all-thoseavengers.tumblr.com

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