We love Ant-Man, but the Iron Man parallels drawn in the Screen Junkies’ latest Honest Trailer are undeniable.

The Screen Junkies have released a new Honest Trailer, this one for Marvel’s Ant-Man.

Starring Paul Rudd, Ant-Man was surprisingly well-received considering its obscure hero and the controversy surrounding Edgar Wright’s 11th hour departure.

But of course it wouldn’t be an Honest Trailer without some uncomfortable truths, so let’s dive in:

There are some pretty fun, good-humored digs at the MCU — for example, pointing out that Ant-Man is the only movie to make the very sensible suggestion that they should call on the Avengers to solve their problems — and clearly, lots of love for the little movie that could.

Our favorite bit of this video is the outlining of parallels between Ant-Man, and the Marvel film that launched the entire MCU, Iron Man. Hank Pym is basically Tony Stark, overthrown by his bald colleague, and designing suits to fight for justice.

This comparison also makes Hope Van Dyne out to be the Rhodey of this movie series, which is… well, accurate.

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We can hopefully look forward to another Honest Trailer way down the line, when Ant-Man and the Wasp rolls around.

The sequel is set for July 6, 2018, and director Peyton Reed revealed today that it will not be another heist movie.

“I think there’s probably going to be some aspects that maybe call back to the tone of [the first movie], but for Ant-Man and the Wasp, we have an entirely different template,” Reed told Comic Book Movie. “We know what that template is, and we have an entirely different genre template for that movie. But it’s going to remain a surprise.”

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