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‘Animal Crossing’ memes that are worth at least a C+

Whether you’re catching bugs or crafting DIY goods, chances are, you’ll relate to these Animal Crossing memes.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a gem of a sim game, and with a massive fanbase, the memes are aplenty.

Seasonal events, such as Bunny Day, make for moments ripe with comedic potential. New characters introduced in NH also present some prime opportunities for humor.

Everything that a Villager does during the day is a bit off, when you come to think of it. I mean, who sells a pocketful of tarantulas and coconuts to pay off their mortgage?

Earning bells is only half of the equation. The other oddness of a Villager’s day comes with their interactions with neighbors. Some neighbors say some strange things, but things get even weirder when you give them gifts.

Tom Nook memes are (mostly) a thing of the past. Fandom has adjusted to the cuteness of Isabelle, but there are still a few jokes to squeeze out about the loveable dog. (Is she really drinking whiskey in that cup?)

From creeping out shopkeepers to bothering the Dodos, here are the best Animal Crossing: New Horizons memes.

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ memes

animal crossing memes isabelle

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You’re not fooling anyone, Isabelle. We’ve seen what you can do with that water bucket and broom in Smash Bros.! Not to mention your deadly fishing rod…

animal crossing sokka meme


Yeesh, too soon guys, too soon. Sokka’s girlfriend, Yue, in Avatar: The Last Airbender turns into the moon to save the world, and the young Water Tribe member never quite gets over it.

animal crossing bunny day meme


2020 was already off to a bad start, and then Bunny Day had to come along and ruin all of our fish, fossil, rock, and balloon spawns. Thanks. I really needed that.

bunny day animal crossing meme


Animal Crossing players really, realllly don’t like the Bunny Day mascot. He does look a bit creepy, but hey, he means well!

animal crossing dodo birds


The long menus you’re required to scroll through at the Dodo airport can really bog you down. Not to mention how every time someone comes to your town, you have to wait for a minute-long cutscene to play out.

animal crossing meme terraforming


Terraforming in Animal Crossing is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it serves as a way to make your town’s landscape exactly how you want it. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time and effort to move buildings and create landmasses.

animal crossing bells meme


Those little glowy spots in the ground can become a money tree! You can reliably put 30k bells in one to triple your yield, but if you fill the hole without burying any bells in it, you’re out of luck.

animal crossing parks and rec meme

I have to admit, there are a lot of similarities between Leslie in Parks and Rec and Isabelle. They’re both very chipper, even when they’re surrounded by idiotic, power-hungry men. See, even The Office’s Pam agrees.

animal crossing tips

There’s no right or wrong way to play Animal Crossing, but if you’re looking to figure out some of the more in-depth strategies of the animal life simulation game, learning through memes is definitely the way to go.

animal crossing iron nuggets


Admit it: We all worked really hard to get the 30 iron nuggets needed to build Nook’s Cranny. While no one definitively knows how to unlock the superstore version of Nook’s Cranny, unlocking the standard store seemed difficult to do at the time. Now, you probably have iron nuggets galore.

nooks cranny


Seeing as the standard Nook’s Cranny closes at 10, most players are left with a large stock of rare bugs, fruit, and fish to sell in the morning. If only Tommy and Timmy didn’t charge 20% for the after-hours dropbox, then maybe they wouldn’t have to deal with all of my tarantulas in the morning.

animal crossing comic tarantulas


Speaking of the tarantulas, the Dodo birds are certainly having a horrible time flying Villagers back and forth between secret islands. Tarantula islands are very profitable, but also incredibly scary. Sorry guys, but this is the price you pay for all of those long loading screens.

time travel acnh


Imagine House Hunters in the Animal Crossing universe. “Uh yes, hi, I’d like to trade these 500 tarantulas for a condo near the museum. If it doesn’t have a large basement for me to store all of my snapping turtles in, then it’s a no-go.”



Aggretsuko’s Retsuko is cute and cuddly. That is, until the credit sequences, where the red panda ROCKS OUT HARDCORE. There are plenty of fun songs in K.K. Slider’s discography, but there sure are some… interesting ones out there.

animal crossing Pokémon meme


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Yeah, totally, a fish and a boot look exactly alike. As the Pokémon anime’s “Who’s that Pokémon?” segment often shows, not everything is what it seems at first glance. But like, a tire? C’mon, there’s no way that could be confused for a fish.

What are your favorite ‘Animal Crossing’ memes?

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