The Angry Birds are about to get a serious dose of pop culture. Game developer Rovio have teamed up with George Lucas to create Angry Birds Star Wars.

In the just-released teaser trailer, an Angry Bird holds what appears to be a lightsaber but is actually one of the games’ classic sling shots which have propelled the birds into Green Pigs for years.

Rovio is teasing additional material from the game arriving in the next month. “We’ll have a whole host of toys, animations and other Angry Birds Star Wars goodness to enjoy,” they said. With what sounds like such a deep collaboration, we’re guessing we’ll see Angry Birds Star Wars be updated with numerous levels and possible sequels in the months and years ahead.

Click the artwork below to see just how Rovio have put a Star Wars-twist on all of its classic characters:

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars will be released November 8. Was this a brilliant collaboration or a cheap one made by George Lucas?

The latest game released in the Angry Birds realm was Bad Piggies which, for the first time, features the game’s pigs in the starring role. In the game you must construct a vehicle for the pigs to fly on to reach a finish line. Rovio has teamed up with movies, like 2011’s Rio, in the past. This is by far their biggest collaboration.

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