9:15 pm EST, February 24, 2014

‘Toy Story 3’ director shrugs off viral Andy’s Mom / Jessie theory

Over the past couple days, a Toy Story theory has circulated around the internet that suggests Andy’s mother was the owner of Jessie.

The theory by Jon Negroni uses several interesting pieces of evidence to prove that Andy’s mother is Emily, the owner of Jessie.

Some of the evidence:

1) As a child, Andy wore a cowboy hat that looked like Jessie’s more than Woody’s.

Andy’s hat:


Jessie’s hat:


2) We know Jessie was given up by her owner Emily (Toy Story 2), and that the hair color of the young owner and of Andy’s mother match.

3) Woody never knew about his history, which could arguably suggest he’s been in Andy’s family for a long time.

4) A hat that looks like the one Andy wears appears on Emily’s bed in the Toy Story 2 flashback:


Interesting connections, right? Unfortunately, Toy Story 2 co-director and Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich doesn’t seem convinced, and he’d be one to know the true story.

Unkrich took to Twitter today to mock the theory by re-tweeting someone else who had a bizarre idea:

He then wrote about how many people have contacted him about this theory:

Since it seems like he doesn’t want to talk about the idea, it looks like this rumor about Jessie being formerly owned by Andy’s mother is indeed false.

Maybe the rumored Toy Story 4 will bring Andy’s backstory to life.

Were you buying this theory concerning Andy’s mom and Jessie?

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