America’s Got Talent was live last night with the first of two semifinals. Only three acts can advance on to the finals, and there were more than three worthy acts. Here’s our recap.

After making his way back on the show by passing through the wild card round, Andrew De Leon had to jump right back in by performing first. In likely his best performance on the show, De Leon performed the opera classic, “Ave Maria.” Howie thought he did good, but thought not being classically trained hurt him. Howard thought his story was great but wished Andrew had more formal training. Sharon thought that maybe he should take off his makeup so people could connect with him.

Also advancing from the wild card round, Todd Oliver only had a week to come up with new material, and the crowd reacted very well. Sharon said Howard was right to bring Oliver back, and she said he is now very funny. Howie said that using current material was very good, and said that he might be a headlining act. Howard said Oliver is a headlining act and that he deserves to go through.

The epitome of strength and grace, Donovan and Rebecca never cease to do something that acts hardly ever do. They perform flawlessly every time they hit the stage, and that is to be commended. Howard loved the act, but didn’t think it translated to TV. Sharon said that they deserve to be in the final. Howie agreed because AGT is the only place to see an act like this.

Performing a Top 40 song can always work in a contestant’s advantage as long as they can perform it well and distance themselves from the original, and Edon did just that with One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” Howie called him the best singer in the competition. Howard said that a lot of young girls will vote for him, but said that he was bored by the song. Sharon disagreed and said the song choice was perfect for him.

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