America’s Got Talent returned tonight with auditions in San Francisco. Here’s our recap of tonight’s action-packed event.

Last night I said that America’s Got Talent was lacking in legitimate talent. That was definitely not an issue tonight. The San Francisco auditions featured many talented auditions in many different kinds of acts.

The night kicked off with a bang with David Garibaldi & His CMYK’s, a group that’s main focus is on speed painting, but is described as encompassing graffiti, music, art, and dance. It’s definitely a compelling act.

America’s Got Talent is the show where circus acts can be showcased, and Cristin Sandu fits right in. The fear that his balancing act created had the judges almost incapable of watching.

Impressionists are either really or good or they’re really bad. In his audition, Dave Burleigh proved himself to be very good. He delivered great impressions of many celebrities including Nicholas Cage, Charlie Sheen, Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and more.

It’s always fascinating to hear where amazing talents come from. Luiz Meneghin has an amazing story all his own. Mengehin is a registered nurse who lives and works in Utah who came to America from Brazil 19 years ago. His deceased father always wanted one of his kids to be a musician, and it just happens that his son Luiz has developed the voice of an angel that he has used to help patients with their bowel movements before finally bringing his voice to AGT. We could be looking at America’s Susan Boyle. Meneghin should be considered one of the favorites to win the entire competition.

Whenever there’s an act of someone who breaks stereotypes, it usually works well. Granny G uses her stage time to teach about family values and does this by rapping and saying that “you horny boys” need to “keep it in your pants.”

It’s hard to say exactly what is special about Tim Hockenberry. Singers, especially on these talent shows, are a dime a dozen, and it’s very hard to stand out. Hockenberry has a very nice, almost Ray Charles sounding voice, and the judges said that tonight he became a star.

Turf is an extreme contortionist dancer. Turf is another example of an artist who has had to fight tough times, as he was homeless for two years. Turf clearly has amazing dancing skill, but I have to say that I’m personally not a fan of the contortionist element as I find it pretty disgusting. Regardless, he definitely has got talent.

There certainly were a lot more notable acts tonight than there were last night! What was your favorite act? Did we leave out your favorite act? Sound off in the comments!

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