America’s Got Talent was live last night with the second semifinal and it will be tough to see exactly who will advance.

All male clogging group All That! promised that they had a trick that would be unlike any trick ever seen in another clogging or dance group. This trick turned out to be lighting their shoes on fire. Sharon said that she’s glad she’s brought them back, that she can’t anymore, and that it’s up to America now. Howie said he found it too one-dimensional. Howard liked that they focused on a few instead of the whole group and said that adding fire never hurts.

Mariachi singer Sebastien “El Charro de Oro” decided to perform the opera song “A City in Spain.” Howie said that he is truly amazing and that he can bring America more Spanish culture. Howard said that his voice needs work but that he’s a true showman. Sharon noted that Sebastien is living the dream and that she hopes America votes for him.

The Magic of Puck was told that he needed to go bigger in order to succeed on the show. Howard said he fullfilled that request. Sharon said the whole performance was flawless. Howie said he didn’t know how all the tricks were performed, which he said was rare.

After performing an amazing dive in their previous performance, Clint Carvalho and his bird Kitty performed a set of rapid-fire tricks. Howie said they did exactly what was needed, but he thinks it feels more like an amusement park show than a million dollar act that is the prize of America’s Got Talent. Sharon can’t believe that Kitty is 30 years old. Howard doesn’t think it feels like a million dollars and doesn’t think they can be one of the top three.

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